CGETC & Odoo: Overcoming Logistic Challenges and Operational Demands

Company: Accessory Geeks (CGETC)
Location: California
Industry: 3PL Service Provider and Online Retailer
Apps Implemented: Sales, Purchase, Inventory, CPM (Client Portal Management), Website, Employee, Multi-Channel (Amazon, Walmart, Shopify integrations)
Company Size: 11 - 50 Employees
Odoo Users: 29
Implementation Partner: Brainvire Infotech, Inc.

Accessory Geeks (CGETC) has etched its name as a formidable global eCommerce and logistics entity. Since its inception in 2003, this visionary enterprise has embarked on an ambitious journey, evolving from a budding startup into a major player in the international market. A commitment to innovation and excellence marked the genesis of Accessory Geeks, and those same principles have propelled its growth over the years. 

As the company expanded, it ventured into the complex and fast-paced world of logistics, navigating the intricacies of supply chain management and global distribution. This expansion was in terms of both scale and scope, as Accessory Geeks began to manage an ever-growing network of vendors and partners, each adding layers to their operational complexity. 

The rise of CGETC in the global market was a testament to its adaptive strategies and customer-centric approach. However, with growth came unforeseen challenges that were multifaceted and demanding. The company found itself at a crossroads, where managing a vast and varied inventory, integrating multiple platforms (like Amazon, Shopify, and Walmart), and maintaining operational efficiency became increasingly challenging. 

Recognizing the need for a technological transformation, Accessory Geeks sought a solution that could streamline their complex operations, and scale with their growing needs. This quest led them to the doorstep of Odoo, marking the beginning of a revolutionary partnership. With Odoo’s advanced technological framework, the brand was poised to tackle its challenges head-on, setting the stage for a new chapter in its success story. 

Brainvire and Odoo Transformed CGETC's Business 

As they expanded their business globally, Accessory Geeks encountered challenges that, although unexpected and unwelcome, were integral to their journey of growth and development. 

Thus, to overcome those obstacles, CGETC utilized Odoo integration for customized features, transitioned to Amazon S3, developed a mobile app for picking and packing, and enhanced system capabilities for improved visibility, control, and automation in their logistics operations.

Let's explore how they achieved this...

Complex Vendor and Inventory Management

In the bustling arena of global eCommerce, they faced a daunting challenge: managing a vast and complex network of vendors and an ever-expanding inventory. 

Their operations spanned across 20,000 locations, with six strategically placed warehouses, each teeming with a diverse range of products.

This complexity was not merely a matter of numbers; it entailed the intricate coordination of different stock levels, varying vendor requirements, and the seamless synchronization of supply chains across continents.

Maintaining an optimal inventory level, and avoiding overstocking (and stockouts), became a delicate balancing act. Discrepancies in inventory could lead to significant losses, strained vendor relationships, and customer dissatisfaction. 

As their network grew, so did the challenge, stretching their existing systems to their limits, and demanding a more sophisticated approach to vendor and inventory management.

Technological Integration Needs

The digital transformation of the retail sector brought with it a maze of platforms and systems, each pivotal to Accessory Geeks’ operations. Platforms like Amazon, Shopify, and Walmart were integral to their sales, distribution, and shipping processes. However, the integration of these disparate systems was a major hurdle.


Each platform had its unique interface, data format, and operational nuances, making seamless integration a complex task. This fragmentation led to inefficiencies, with valuable time and resources spent on manually bridging these systems. 

The need for a comprehensive system that could not only integrate these diverse platforms, but also handle complex tasks, like invoicing, accounting, and real-time data synchronization, became increasingly evident. 

Without such integration, Accessory Geeks risked lagging in operational efficiency, potentially impacting their market responsiveness and customer satisfaction.

Operational Efficiency and Transparency

In the logistics and eCommerce arena, operational efficiency and transparency are not just operational objectives -- they are the cornerstones of customer trust and satisfaction. 

1.  Ensure real-time tracking of shipments and accurate, timely delivery.
2. Transparent communication with customers and vendors is essential.
3. High stakes in a sector where delays or errors damage reputations.
4. Internal processes, from order processing to inventory management, lacked efficiency.
5. Lack of an integrated system resulted in data silos and operational bottlenecks.
6. Limited visibility into the end-to-end process of logistics operations.
7. Imperative to enhance the operational efficiency, and ensure transparency for sustained growth.
8. Competitive edge in the market necessitated improvements in Accessory Geeks' logistics chain.

Nevertheless, with tailored solutions provided by Odoo, and their expertise, they managed to transform their operations significantly.

Let's delve into how they achieved this remarkable turnaround.

Odoo's Tailored Solutions

Customized Version of Odoo 15

The cornerstone of the transformation for Accessory Geeks was the customization of Odoo (Version 15). This version was tailored to meet the intricate needs of their expansive and multifaceted operations. 

The customization process was a collaborative effort, involving an in-depth analysis of the company’s workflow, inventory management, vendor relations, and customer engagement strategies. Odoo’s team meticulously mapped out the specific requirements, identifying areas where automation and integration could bring about significant improvements. 

To create sales orders for CGETC, with the help of Odoo, the following process was implemented. 

● Access Vendor Portal Management and navigate to Sales Orders. 

● Click "Create" and choose a 3PL customer, auto-selecting the vendor. 

● Opt to calculate charges and commissions; adjust as needed. 

● Add products under Order Lines, edit quantities, and set unit prices. 

● Apply order line or global discounts; calculate taxes, if applicable. 

● Include fulfillment charges, based on type (per item or per order). 

● Confirm Sales Order, ensuring fulfillment charges are confirmed first. 

● Generate Delivery Order, edit quantities, and validate to mark as shipped. 

● Monitor Picking Orders in Vendor Portal for logistics updates. 

● Utilize Tree View to filter (and review) 3PL or 4PL orders comprehensively.

The result was a bespoke ERP system that not only aligned with Accessory Geeks’ operational processes, but also offered scalability and flexibility for future growth. This customized system provided robust solutions for inventory management, eCommerce integration, and real-time analytics, ensuring they optimized every aspect of business for efficiency and growth.

Vendor Portal and Integration Features

An integral part of this transformation was the development of a comprehensive vendor portal. This portal served as a centralized platform for managing the diverse network of vendors. 

It facilitated seamless communication, order processing, and inventory management, significantly reducing the complexities previously encountered. The portal allowed for real-time updates and analytics, giving Accessory Geeks a clear overview of vendor performance and stock levels.

Creating 3PL Vendor

Vendors have the autonomy to independently create orders without team assistance, allowing them to manage certain aspects on their own. 

There are two ways to create a 3PL Vendor. 

The first one is as follows: 

Go to Settings > Users > Users

From there, click on the ‘Create’ button in the top-left corner. 

As an example, create ‘Demo Vendor2 3PL’ as a 3PL User, and tick 3PL Boolean. Then, 'Save' the vendor. Now, the Vendor is created, and it will look like below. 

Click on the 'Change Password' button, and you can change the password for that user. In a pop-up, set a new password for this vendor, and click on the ‘Change Password’ button to save it.

The second way to create 3PL Vendor is as follows: 

Go to Vendor Portal Management > Merchandise > Vendors

To create a vendor, the team can click the 'Create' button, enter the name, navigate to the 'Sales & Purchases' tab, select the 3PL Vendor Boolean, and save the vendor. And, in order to assign an email address, they can use the 'Create Login' button, add the email, and save. 

Moreover, the Odoo experts ensured multi-login was possible; where the user had to click 'Create Login' again, add multiple email IDs, and save. To change passwords, go to Settings > Users. 

The team also applied BOL and Fulfillment charges by ticking the 'is BOL Charges?' Boolean in Vendor Portal Management. Configure charges as 'Per Item' or 'Per Order.' BOL charges are calculated based on order line quantity, while Fulfillment charges can be set similarly.

Mobile App for Picking and Packing

To further enhance the efficiency of logistics operations, Odoo developed a specialized mobile app for picking and packing processes. This application was designed with user experience in mind, focusing on streamlining the workflow for warehouse staff. 

The app featured intuitive interfaces for order picking, real-time inventory updates, and efficient route planning within the warehouse. 

Stock Management

Through this method, the brand can keep track of picking, delivery, incoming shipments, alerts, and more.

Let’s take a look at some of the features, and how they work.


● View internal transfers from stock to any location. 

● Initiate transfers by creating, selecting operation types, and scanning stock locations and product barcodes. 

● Edit and increase quantities through barcode scans. 

● Update destination locations, create packages, validate, and verify quantities. 
● Package scanning involves location and package ID barcodes.


● Display on-hand product quantities for reference.

Label Print

● Print labels for generated transfers. 

● Use a pop-up window for Picking Name and drop-down selection. 
● Download labels by clicking the 'Print' button. 

● Open records of logged users with location, products, and quantity. 
● Edit product quantities using the 'Edit' icon. 

● Save records for making adjustments.

Proof of Work 

A valuable aspect within the mobile app is the Proof of Work (POW) feature. 

With it, vendors can seamlessly enhance their operations, by clicking the 'POW' button, allowing users to add up to 10 images associated with received products. This action opens a convenient pop-up window, streamlining the process, and providing a user-friendly interface for capturing (and attaching) relevant visual proof within the app. 

● Add up to 10 images related to received products. 

● Reflect added images in the attachment of the selected SO/PO/Shipment. 

● Click the 'POW' button for a pop-up with Attachment Origin options (SO/PO/Shipment), insert, and delete buttons. 

● Capture live photos, select from the gallery, or choose files to add images. 

● Delete added images, by clicking the 'Delete' button in the pop-up window. 

● Clicking 'Add POW' reflects added images in the backend of the related SO/PO/Shipment's attachment after some time. 

● Users can delete attachments from the backend by clicking. 

It also included features for barcode scanning and order verification, reducing the chances of errors, while speeding up the packing process. This mobile app became an indispensable tool for the staff, significantly improving the speed and accuracy of order fulfillment. 

Amazon S3 Storage Integration

Recognizing the need for robust and secure data management, Odoo integrated Amazon S3 storage into Accessory Geeks’ system. This cloud storage solution provided a scalable, reliable, (and most importantly) safe data storage option. 

These are a few of the data integration benefits CGETC has earned: 

● Large volumes of data, including inventory records, order details, and customer information, were seamlessly integrated. 

● Integration ensured secure storage and easy accessibility of data, enhancing overall system performance. 

● The move significantly improved the security of sensitive data, addressing concerns related to data protection. 

● Data hosted on Amazon S3 provided Accessory Geeks with high-speed data retrieval capabilities. 
● Enhanced uptime, crucial in the fast-paced eCommerce sector, was achieved through efficient data hosting on Amazon S3. 

Through these tailored solutions, Odoo enabled Accessory Geeks to overcome its operational challenges, setting a new standard in efficiency and innovation in logistics and eCommerce. 

Transformative Results and Brand Satisfaction

Operational Efficiency:

● Implementation of Odoo's tailored solutions brought a paradigm shift to Accessory Geeks' operational efficiency. 

● Version 15 of Odoo enabled seamless stock management across all locations, reducing overstocking and shortages. 

● The vendor portal streamlined ordering, making replenishing more efficient and responsive to market demands. 

● Integrated platforms and a mobile app transformed warehouse operations, reducing picking and packing time. 

● Supply chain processes, from order placement to delivery, operated seamlessly, resulting in saved costs and increased productivity.

Enhanced Customer Experience:

● Odoo's solutions significantly impacted customer satisfaction through real-time tracking systems. 
● Customers received up-to-date information about orders, fostering trust and transparency. 
● The mobile app optimized picking and packing, leading to faster and more reliable deliveries. 
● Service excellence elevated the customer experience, fostering higher retention rates and positive reviews in the competitive eCommerce space.

Business Growth and Scalability:

 ● Post-implementation marked a new era of growth and scalability for Accessory Geeks. 
● Solid operational foundations positioned the company to expand its market reach and explore new opportunities. 

● Odoo's scalable solutions allowed systems to adapt and expand with the company's growth. 
● Increased operational efficiency and customer satisfaction contributed to a boost in profitability. 
● Accessory Geeks confidently handled larger order volumes, without compromising quality, expanding both revenue and market presence.

From Challenge to Triumph: The Accessory Geeks Story Powered by Odoo  

The journey of Accessory Geeks is a testament to the transformative power of Odoo’s solutions, from grappling with logistical complexities to achieving unparalleled efficiency and customer satisfaction. 

Initially burdened by the challenges of managing a vast network of vendors, an extensive inventory, and the need for technological integration, Accessory Geeks turned these obstacles into opportunities through a strategic partnership with Odoo.

The customization of Odoo (Version 15), along with the implementation of a comprehensive vendor portal, a cutting-edge mobile app, and the integration of Amazon S3 storage, revolutionized their operations. These changes not only streamlined their internal processes, but also significantly enhanced the customer experience, paving the way for increased customer loyalty and market competitiveness. 

Looking to the future, the prospects for Accessory Geeks are bright and promising. The scalability of Odoo’s solutions ensures that, as the company grows, its systems will evolve in tandem, supporting and facilitating this expansion. 

This ongoing partnership with Odoo is poised to drive further innovation, efficiency, and growth, solidifying Accessory Geeks’ position as a leading player in the global eCommerce and logistics industry. 

The story of Accessory Geeks stands as a powerful example of how embracing technological innovation can lead to substantial business transformation and success.

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