Sapentia: From Odoo Community to Enterprise

Headquarters: Lichfield, United Kingdom
Partnership year: 8 years via Community / Official Odoo Partner since Jan 2020
Number of employees: 7
Services offered: Implementations of Odoo, Training, Ongoing Support Packages, Maintenance, Software Upgrades, Data Migration, and Cleansing
Number of Odoo implementations: 48

Providing Bespoke Business Support

Sapentia was founded 8 years ago when the Dyson family decided to combine their expertise into one business unit. Andrew Dyson, the Managing Director, spearheaded the formation after managing and understanding the benefits of utilizing business systems through his various senior international roles in business. 

Sapentia enhances their clients’ business potential by crafting bespoke business support software to help them further evolve. Their approach is, and always will be, to focus on the client’s needs. 

With Sapentia’s relentless focus on their clients’ needs, choosing to work with Odoo was a no-brainer. The user-friendliness and having all business needs centralized on one platform stood out the most to Sapentia. In addition, Odoo’s customization capabilities were of great importance to the company. Regardless of which apps are required, Odoo is customizable enough to meet any individual business requirements.

Sapentia first began working with Odoo in version 6.1, when it was still known as OpenERP. They worked on the open-source version, and when Enterprise first debuted, they initially stayed in the open-source route, fearing the move to “Partner” would have a negative impact on their business. 

Sapentia finally decided to take the plunge and became an Odoo partner at the beginning of 2020, just before the pandemic, which was great timing. Since becoming a partner, Sapentia has found Odoo Enterprise to be a great product that is beloved by all clients. Despite the “ups and downs” of 2020, Sapentia has had a very strong year as an Odoo Partner, with sights set on becoming an Odoo Gold Partner in the very near future.

In addition to providing Odoo solutions to customers, Sapentia also uses Odoo internally. Using Odoo internally has been great for collaboration, as one of the directors of Sapentia is based in France.

Implementing Odoo With Sapentia

Sapentia works across a variety of sectors including retail, hospitality, manufacturing, professional services, education, and charities - just to name a few. Prior to the quotation stage, Sapentia conducts discovery sessions with prospective clients to understand how their processes work, and how to streamline them to make their business more efficient. 

On average, implementations take between 12-16 weeks. Sapentia breaks this down into 2-4 phases that have clear functional areas. The final phase is user training and documentation. Creating a clear project plan that all can follow is very important for Sapentia. They hold weekly project meetings that are focused on the current phase clients are in. Additionally, Sapentia holds monthly project reviews to monitor overall progress.

One of Sapentia’s most memorable customers was a small, single-user business that managed over 160 subcontractors. The single-user collated timesheets, generated time-based sales orders and invoices, as well as paid the subcontractors. Prior to the Odoo implementation, the entire process was all done on paper, without a single spreadsheet. 

On average, it took the user 2 days every week to manage timesheets and invoices. Sapentia implemented Project, Sales, and Purchasing to manage the extensive tasks undertaken by one person. Subcontractors now receive job notifications and update timesheets remotely. Sales orders, as well as customer and subcontractor invoices are now semi-automated with Odoo. The client is now able to process an entire month’s work in less than one hour.

Another memorable customer for Sapentia is Triton Telecom, which offers bespoke business telephone and connectivity solutions. Prior to using Odoo, they were using Salesforce, and had various issues trying to customize the system to meet their business needs. Triton Telecom also found the interface of Salesforce to be difficult and expensive. Watch the video below to find out more about Triton Telecom’s Odoo solution with Sapentia.


As an Odoo Partner, what Sapentia enjoys most is the support they receive from Odoo HQ and the Odoo Community. For new partners, Sapentia advises that they adequately manage the expectations of a client. It’s important to help them work effectively, and learn how to use the system confidently. Another piece of advice they offer is to “grow your number of users to help you have access to higher quality leads directly from Odoo.” 

Working together to ensure top class customer experience, delivery and implementation

Odoo Enterprise Partners Sapentia and Calibrate ERP are delighted to announce a working partnership to ensure top class customer experience, delivery and implementation of Odoo Enterprise.

As a newly established Ready Partner Calibrate ERP benefit from Sapentia’s experience which has enabled them to be the top Gold Odoo provider in England. In return, Sapentia can reach out for extra trusted resource and support for bigger projects.

Andrew Dyson, Managing Director of Sapentia says, “We are delighted to be working with Calibrate ERP on certain projects. We are looking forward to our joint customers being able to benefit immensely from this joined up delivery.”

Andy Scott, Managing Director of Calibrate ERP, “This partnership means our customers benefit from the added strength in depth that Sapentia brings to our team of highly focused functional consultants. It is great to contribute to each other’s success.”

About Sapentia

We are a team of passionate people, whose goal is to improve everyone's life through disruptive products. We build great products to solve your business problems. Our products are designed for small to medium-size companies looking to optimize their performance. At Sapentia, we focus on getting things done correctly. Using the huge range of modules that Odoo has to offer, we build a system that allows you to work the way you want.

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