SBK Holding: Managing Resources Efficiently

The Holding Company of His Highness Dr. Sheikh Sultan Bin Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan

Company name: SBK Holding

Location: United Arab Emirates

Industry: Diversified Industries & Sectors

Partner Name: Bista Solutions

Main Apps implemented: Accounting, Inventory, Expenses

Number of Employees: 10,000+

About SBK Holding

SBK Holding LLC is the Holding Company of HH Dr. Sheikh Sultan Bin Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, headquartered in Dubai, with a global presence. SBK Holding LLC is a group of companies that focuses on a wide range of business activities, covering hotels and resorts through real estate, master planning and infrastructure development, newspaper publishing and distribution, food manufacturing, and marina development and operations. 

The group of companies that fall under SBK Holding includes:

  • SBK Commercial Business Group LLC
  • SBK Retail Business Group LLC
  • SBK Petrochemicals Group LLC
  • SBK Spectrum Realty Group LLC
  • SBK Aviation Group LLC
  • SBK Industrial Business Group LLC
  • SBK Knowledge Horizon Group LLC
  • SBK Hospitality Business Group LLC
  • SBK Medical & Health Services Group LLC
  • SBK Business Holding
  • SBK Marine

Business Impact

With SBK Holding already being a large company, it continued to grow; as a result, the company had begun to cater to a new set of unique challenges. Just as small to medium-sized companies have to deal with managing their finances, monitoring their performance, and upholding an excellent reputation, larger companies have to be meticulous with their solutions to avoid any errors going unnoticed. The most important and challenging decision the company faced was finding a way to adapt to these changes that came with its rapid growth. 

While the workload had started to progress, having numerous platforms began to cause havoc, costing the company a lot due to the lack of resource management; paying the cost of poor resource management was a hard pill to swallow for all 13 companies at once. Different departments and management groups could not efficiently share processes, information, and goals. With these on-going challenges occurring, SBK Holding needed a quick and easy solution, so they turned to Odoo. 

With the help of Odoo Gold Partners, Bista Solutions, SBK Holdings was able to implement Odoo quickly, helping them overcome the challenges they had faced. Odoo helped SBK Holdings manage its resources through Odoos Accounting modules. Providing customers with the ability to add multiple vendors, products, and call for tenders. As well as, having the software automatically pointing out the best prices which reduces the chances of any up paying.

Odoo was able to provide much-needed stability to all 13 companies under the SBK Holding group. It provided the companies with the necessary tools to pinpoint their past mistakes, stabilize their current situation, and plan for a brighter future ahead. Additionally, the skill-sets of all employees were enabled, highlighted, and optimized, which is essential to run operations and projects. Odoo provided SKB Holdings with an efficient solution. 

Not only did Odoo help SKB Holdings overcome their challenges but now all 13 different companies operate under one single platform making it easy, efficient, and affordable to manage. 

A Bright Future Ahead

"Compared to SAP and Oracle, the user-interface is very friendly, and it is easy to set up. Our staff found that it was easy to learn the system, and we were able to adapt to it with minimal training. SBK Holding is managing resources efficiently and cost-effectively across different Emirates. Odoo is a one-stop-shop with a variety of applications that you can use either integrated or standalone to manage your business."

- Alaa Mikdadi, Chief Strategy Officer

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