Leading Smartphone Retailer GTN Fronts Steady Growth After Implementing Odoo

Company Name: PT Global Teknologi Niaga

Location: Indonesia

Industry: Retail

Company Size: 720

No. of Odoo Users: 263

Hosting Type: Odoo.sh

Apps Implemented: Dashboards, Contacts, Sales, Invoicing, Discuss, Purchase, Inventory, Accounting, Point of Sale, Sign, Employees, Internet of Things

Bringing smartphones and other gadgets from renowned international tech companies in various locations, PT Global Teknologi Niaga (GTN) sets its mission to provide Indonesia with the best technology and excellent service. 

Financial Discrepancy

GTN used to manage its business on a locally hosted and starter POS system not integrated with any bookkeeping software. 

The previous system was flawed for its limited capability to categorize sold products by vendors and payment options, leading to inaccurate year-end business performance reports and many hassles in bookkeeping. 

It was a fuss effectively upholding quality control. The previous system prevents the GTN team from tracking faulty products back to their original vendor without linking products with vendor details. And this also added extra hours of manual procedure at the inventory to document product information not included in the system. In the long run, this affected the corporate's credibility and prevented them from fulfilling its promise of delivering value-adding customer service. 

However, the bigger problem here is the trouble during the audit season. Incompatible with electronic payment gateways, the old POS system failed to accurately record credit card payments, which usually take 2-3 days to arrive after the transaction. The retailer manually resolved this by keeping separate inventory and sales records on Excel sheets. Time-consuming and ineffective, this bookkeeping method took the team much time and led to manual mishandling.

Fully Automated System with New Features

The Odoo system is 100% of what we want in business management!

CTO at PT Global Teknologi Niaga

And the tables turned after Odoo got recommended to GTN by one of its consignment partners.

An integrated Odoo POS-IoT-Sales-Inventory system is customized to allow the smartphone retailer to organize every product sold according to its International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) and vendor within the internal transaction record. This enables managers to accurately track store and product performances to design upcoming marketing strategies. 

Taking advantage of the pricelist function and flexible configuration on Odoo Sales, the storefront staff can also cater to product pre-orders, upsell with accessories, and offer special discounts to customers from the same window to build stronger brand loyalty. Odoo's easy-to-use POS system also allows staff to search for the product at the till, ensuring that no hassle will be caused when the barcode scanner malfunctions or runs out of battery. And all of these can be done in clicks.

Of course, the sales team is only one of many who benefited from the Odoo system. 

Thanks to Odoo Inventory, the stock team at GTN can keep accurate track of product movement in real-time, with each product tagged with a unique code generated from Odoo characterizing its model, storage, and other details. The intuitive app also allows GTN to generate inventory level and sales performance reports to arrange stock moves in advance to push sales in targeted branches based on the performance analysis of each store. 

Reflecting and centralizing all sales and inventory updates on the system, Odoo alleviates the workload of GTN's finance team during audit season. Comprehensible with different payment gateways, Odoo Accounting accurately records all payment details in in-store and online transactions.

The new system allows the team to give up on double-bookkeeping on Excel. In exchange, dynamic financial reports are generated in clicks to reflect detailed product and store performance analyses. Owing to its increased productivity to the new Odoo system, the finance team can now customize reports according to the product, product location, and order lists, offering clear advice to hit GTN's targets.  

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