Kings International: From Excel to Excellence

Company name: Kings International

Location: Pakistan

Industry: Logistics 

Main Apps implemented: Accounting, Sales, CRM, Documents, Website, Project, Studio

Founded in 1981, Kings International is a Professional Customs brokerage firm licensed by the Pakistan’s Customs Authorities to help importers & exporters meet governing federal requirements in Pakistan. They are also in the approved panel of major Banks of Pakistan to provide customs clearance solutions to various importers & exporters.

Spreadsheets Have Expired
As many modest companies start off, King’s International was using a mix of spreadsheets and the good old, putting pen to paper. While the former was mainly used for ledgers, invoicing, quotation and expenses the latter was used for general operations of the business.

Financial Reports were unreliable and inaccurate. Spreadsheets are compiled by employees working late and stressful shifts, where errors are bound to happen. In financial reporting, the misplacement of a single decimal point will accumulate large amounts of wrong information that an Excel spreadsheet has no way of checking if figures add up to the real results. Being simply a medium of holding data, it is difficult to keep track of ledgers and invoices in various spreadsheets.

From Excel to Excellence
King’s International initially implemented the free version of Odoo, Odoo Community, in 2016 on rented servers. In a few months, they were able to recognise their improved performance and opted for our paid version, Odoo Enterprise, and went on our cloud. Odoo Enterprise provided King’s International access to a larger variety of modules and specifications within existing modules.

Using a cloud-based software, allowed King’s International to have all their records immediately available and updated. Since our ERP system is fully integrated and in sync with all the employee’s updates; It completely eliminates the fear of another employee having an updated version of the same document on their computer.

“Through analytic accounting configuration we are able to know the details of costs incurred on a single shipment’s customs clearance. All the costs associated with a single shipment are automatically invoiced thanks to the automatic invoicing feature. Odoo provided us with an integrated solution for not just accounting but many other business processes.”

– Muhammad Nasir Saleem, CEO

Once King’s International was able to sort out their accounting shortcomings and fill the gaps completely, they opted for more of our modules to cover their basis. Odoo Projects assisted the company in tracking their customs from one location to the other while assigning certain tasks to their employees in an organised manner. In addition, they installed Odoo Documents, where they were able to securely scan and store all of their documents for shipment customs clearance.

King’s International now exists online! Thanks to Odoo Website, King’s International was able to create a dashing website with a customer portal that cuts down on man hours. Every customer can log into their portal and view their quotations, invoice and status of their shipment. With the help of Odoo Studio, they can constantly customize Odoo as per their current business model.


“Odoo has improved our business! It is a very cost efficient and effective IT solution. It improves the productivity levels of our business by saving time for all the employees and improving workflows so that they can concentrate on their main important operations.”

– Muhammad Nasir Saleem, CEO


Company team

Muhammad Nasir Saleem

 “The live customized reports and dashboard helps me get the insights of my company. It helps me make important and strategic decisions”

Company team

Munawar Ahmed
Manging Director

“Odoo aligns with our business strategy and has the best integrated solution with regular updates to keep up with the dynamic market”

Company team

Muhammad Irfan
Operations Manager

“Our collaboration efficiency has increased significantly, communication with co-worker and clients was never so convenient”

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