How a One Man Business Runs Everything with Odoo

Company Name: Coffizz
Location: Brussels, Belgium
Industry: Resell / Office Equipment (B2B)
Partner name: Niboo
Odoo Account Manager: Claire Goffard
Main Apps implemented/used: Website, Ecommerce, Purchase, Sales, Inventory, Invoicing and Accounting
Company size: 1
Number of users: 1

About Coffizz

Coffizz is a B2B company that buys and resells office and computer equipment, printers and business food to SMEs and freelancers. They have around 300 customers and a range that consists of over 24,000 items that can be ordered exclusively online. Coffizz’s goal is to make life as simple as possible for their customers. To achieve this they combine speed, efficiency and quality to guarantee a fast and hassle-free order and delivery. The whole operation is done by one supplier and one employee. All goods are sold via Coffizz’s eCommerce platform which runs on Odoo. 

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Choosing Odoo from Day One

The goal for Coffizz since day one has been automation. The company began and remains today a one person run business. This was the intention of Kristiaan De Wachter, Owner and Manager at Coffizz. The aim behind automation was to avoid human manipulation as he knew this would lead to process delays and errors. To achieve this, Kristiaan chose to use Odoo to help automate Coffizz’s business operations from day one when the company began in January 2019. 

With the help of Odoo Implementation partner Niboo, a completely automated solution in Odoo was implemented with the following Odoo apps; Website, Ecommerce, Purchase, Sales, Inventory, Invoicing and Accounting. The content and configuration of the website was completed by Niboo; they managed to work with a third company specialised in web designs in order to get the exact “look and feel” Kristiaan wished for and incorporated the results on Coffizz’s website. In addition, Niboo has linked Coffizz's eshop with their supplier's software: Navision. All orders made on Coffizz's website are almost immediately sent to Coffizz's provider (every hour the system conducts a synchronised update). It's fully automated and Kristiaan gets all the info in parallel in his backend. 

"I'm the only person in the company. No need for more, everything is automated!"
- Kristiaan De Wachter, Owner and Manager at Coffizz

On Coffizz’s website, they have an eCommerce store run by Odoo on which customers can place their orders. Once an order is placed, everything is triggered automatically without any manual intervention: the customer receives a confirmation message with their invoice and an expected delivery date while Kristiaan can easily access all his orders in his backend and make the necessary follow-ups.

"Thanks to Odoo, I managed to create a small Amazon company."
- Kristiaan De Wachter, Owner and Manager at Coffizz

Another great addition to the solution provided by Niboo was the dedicated and privatised portal built for companies that wanted to allow some of their employees to place orders whenever they needed, but only on specific products; said company gives access to this portal to specific users within its organisation. There, the employees have access to a list of specific products, pre-determined by their employer beforehand. Which allows for a more efficient and rapid way of centralizing all your offices’ supplies while creating a trustworthy relationship between employer and employees.

Happily Ever Odoo

What Coffizz values most about Odoo is the ability to make connections with other software such as Navision in their case. Kristiaan De Wachter found there was very little open source software on the market that allowed this besides Odoo. 

Thanks to the automated system enabled by Odoo, the business continues to grow and there are never any delays towards their customers, keeping Coffizz’s reputation flawless and bringing in new business.
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