Visualização Cohort

Nova visualização cohort para analisar as taxas de retenção ou término ao longo do tempo.


Dynamic dashboards with UX inspired by Google Analytics. Dashboards can include any graph, cohort, or KPI.

Barra de configuração

New configuration bar in Sales, eCommerce, Invoicing & Accounting to help users configure the system. 


Support for recurring activities, email templates, and a new view to check all activities at a glance.


Lots of usability and speed improvements including a new interface to import files and import templates. The system learns data mapping to auto-detect columns, and detects data formatting (e.g. dates, floats).

Email Digest

Get KPIs sent by email periodically according to your preferences: new leads, opportunities won, revenues,  cash, tickets closed, open tasks, etc.

Modelo de email

Harmonize a interface do usuário e melhore o conteúdo dos modelos de email padrão.

Suporte total com teclado

Press Alt to highlight shortcuts and navigate with the keyboard in forms, list and kanban views.

Filtros por data

Easily filter dates (today, last week, this quarter...) including flexible grouping of data by date (by day, week, months...).

Compartilhando links

Compartilhe facilmente o acesso a documentos, ou ao portal do cliente.

Direitos de acesso

A user is either a portal user,  a public user or an employee with system access.

Da direita para a esquerda

Suporte para idiomas que são lidos da direita para a esquerda, como o Árabe. 

Informação da Demo

Os dados de demonstração foram aprimorados, com base em um negócio de móveis de escritório.


Select the first day of the week.

Criação rápida

In kanban views, the quick create has been improved to display more fields in the card. (no popup anymore)



Create specific environments, for a group of workers or for companies. 


Create any action for any condition. For instance, create an invoice or a task in Odoo. 

Etiquetas por categorias

Use etiquetas para organizar o seu ambiente de trabalho 


New interface with filters on folders or tags, documents in kanban and action manager on the right. 


Share any documents publicly, select validity dates, and give rights to upload and/or download. 


Crie documentos por email, enviando para um alias.

Solicitar documentos

Use activities to request a document from another person. It will create an activity for this person. 

Dividir PDSs

Split a group of documents to avoid scanning them one by one. Or split a document to request a signature on the main document, without annexes. 

Solicitação de assinatura

Solicite uma assinatura nos documentos. 


Ative o bate-papo em qualquer documento.


Lock a document to prevent other users from working on it while is it being edited.


Pré-visualizar PDFs, imagens e vídeos. 

Código de barras

Fluxo de trabalho

Using the Barcode App allows you to process pickings much faster, increasing worker productivity. Directly scan lot or serial numbers, scan operation types to create new pickings from scratch, and add "take from" or "deliver to specific location" in your warehouse.

Nova Interface

The User Interface (UI) has been completely revamped for warehouse employees. They can clearly see what they are doing and what they have to do.


A nova aplicação de leitura de Código de Barras se encaixa perfeitamente em dispositivos móveis.

Ajustes no inventário

When making an inventory adjustment on a specific product, only allow to select that specific product in the inventory adjustment lines.


Conexão do dispositivo

A caixa IoT permite que você conecte qualquer dispositivo à sua base de dados.


Odoo integrates IoT technology to your business flows. We don't add extra steps to your work.

Pronto de imediato

A configuração da caixa é muito fácil. Mesmo usuários não técnicos podem fazer isso!


Os dispositivos podem ser conectados à caixa IoT usando USB, HDMI, Bluetooth ou Wifi.


Vista do Painel de Controle e KPIs

The new dashboard view gives an overview of your inventory management. Gives average cycle times and delays and includes information about value coming in and out of stock.

Regras de push e pull

As regras push e pull são misturadas em um único conceito, mais fácil de configurar.

Rastrear Ordens de Compra

If the PO has been triggered by a reordering rule, show that reordering rule as source document on the PO (even in cases of multi-step receipts).

Custo de Produto

Clearer descriptions of journal items, add more information on journal items created through a change of the cost of the product.

Relatórios em PDF

Improvement on the batch picking PDF to regroup products to pick per locations. Improvements to the delivery slip, traceability,  picking operations, and the production order PDF reports to fit business.

Representação Visual de Rotas

Representation of the routes that apply to the product has been added, to ease configuration and debugging of push and pull rules.

Conectores de transportadoras

Integração total com a BPost e Easypost para suportar 90 portadores extras.

Unidade de peso

Define if you work with kilograms or pounds. Useful when working with carrier integrations.

Data de transferência

Display the date at which the transfer was processed on done transfers. The default scheduled date on pickings is set to today’s date.


A new button appears on  stockable products in order to easily replenish your stock.

Estratégia de armazenamento por Produto

Putaway strategies can now be applied per product and not only per product category.


When there are exceptions to manage, a next activity is logged on the affected document.


Accounting entries are posted automatically when an exchange rate has changed between the invoice and the receipt/delivery dates.


Solicitação de orçamento

When you create an RfQ for a vendor for which no prices matches, the default price is set to 0.


If the PO has been triggered by a reordering rule, show that reordering rule as a source document on the PO.

Ordens abertas

BOs are taken into account when an RfQ is created. Other usability improvements on blanket orders include stages, vendor field required, adapted for multicurrency, and more... 


Generate purchase orders automatically for product of type service (MTO). Edit received quantity of a service on a PO. 


Cancelar encomendas

As regras de push agora também são aplicadas depois de pedidos não configurados.

Estrutura de uma BoM

Add information about the BoM reference and version and make it clickable. Also, add the attachments of the product on that report.

Fabricação em 2 ou 3 etapas

Pick the components before a MO and store the finished product after a MO with a one-click configuration. 


Prevent users from suppressing productivity losses that are needed on work orders.

Direito de acesso

Stock users do not have access rights to create invoices. The button “Create Invoice” is invisible from the repair order for those users.


Enlarge the feature to define which components to use for a finished product-specific-variant on the BoM.

Produzir no MO

Define the exact quantities of components you consume to produce a finished product on a MO. Gives more flexibility for component consumption.

Custo de Produto

Compute the cost of products based on their BoM in mass directly from the product list view.

Código de barras em ordem de trabalho

Work orders can be processed by using a barcode scanner.



Discuss onboarding is done through OdooBot. It will welcome you on your first connection to present all the Discuss features.


Like Mailman, it is now possible to moderate incoming messages for a channel. You can accept or reject messages and you can always allow or ban a channel member.


Improvement and ease of notification in desktop and mobile.  Get notified of failure messages. 


Discuss a specific document in a chat window, allowing you to stay on the current page. You now can see when the other person is typing. Added and improved emoji.


Get access on settings thanks to the gear icon near the channel name. 



Attract a user’s attention by sending a different color background on an activity type.


An automatic schedule mechanism has been added to plan a flow of activities for specific documents. Added "Done & Schedule" and "Done" features. 


Display today’s meetings in the next activity dropdown to quickly check what’s planned for your day.


Allow people to add personal reminders in Odoo using the Notes application and the Next Activities modules (e.g.: lunch with colleagues, call mom, etc).

Modelo de email

Select a mail template on an activity type to remind several users to do an activity


Get things done easily with the new Activity view! Navigate quickly through calls, emails, meetings and reminders you planned for yourself. Available on all objects for maximum integration

Assinatura Digital

Validação por SMS

Double authentication has been added to strengthen the security of digital signatures


Improve the flow of the Sign Application to ease user onboarding and the use of the application on a day-to-day basis.



Etapas adicionadas para gerenciar status de carros (ex., em pedidos, reprovados etc.)


Create activities on vehicles to remind drivers to perform certain actions. 


Codificação Baseada em Dia

Registre facilmente os pedidos de licença selecionando dias, meio dia ou horas. 


Automatically generate a leave allocation according for a particular working period. 


The "Leave type" form has been totally revamped, updated for a better management of leaves.


Menus have been updated to fit the business and ease the human resources process.


Define a valid period of allocation for particular leave types. For instance, define "legal leaves 2018" as valid from January 1st to December 31st 2018.


Make certain leaves visible or invisible to employees in order to prevent errors when they record their leaves. For instance, only an HR manager can create sick leaves based on a doctor's note.

Email Marketing

Servidor de saída de email

Use a specific email server to send mass mailings. This way you can avoid having the main mail server reported as spam.

Lista negra & Excluir

Customers can easily opt out from your mailing lists. In the backend, users can also blacklist email addresses so those customers no longer receive mass emails from your system.


You can now see the number of clicks in the analysis menu of sent emails. New stat buttons on emails have been added to see the leads,opportunities, and sales orders generated.

Emails de texto simples

Write plain text emails that look more personal, with the same easiness than traditional email software.

Listas de email

You are now able to merge mailing lists. 

Rastreamento UTM

Complete end-to-end ROI tracking for marketing with UTMs on emails, website, leads, opportunities, quotations, sales orders, invoices, and their respective reports.



Starting tips have been improved to facilitate user onboarding  such as customizing the pipeline, creating an opportunity, scheduling activities, and more. 


Dashboard views have been added in order to analyze lead generation and conversion at a glance.


Followers of sales teams are notified when a new lead is created. The first user follows the default sales team.

Equipes de vendas

Os canais de vendas foram renomeados para “equipes de vendas”.

Seletor de domínio para pontuação de Leads

Setting a domain on incoming leads is now much easier with the new domain selector.

Partner Autocomplete 

Autocomplete partner information from a list of matching contacts or VAT number.

Reveal (IaP)

Turn website visitors into leads by using their IP addresses. 


Visualização Cohort 

Keep an eye on the registration progress of your events and compare with previous events thanks to the new cohort view available in the attendees list. 


Adicione eventos ao seu calendário depois de se subscrever. 

Moral do Twitter

Uma ferramenta integrada para executar tweets durante eventos. 

Point of Sale 


A caixa PoS foi substituída pela caixa IoT. 


Configurar impostos, preços e pagamentos nas configurações de ponto de vendas


Barra de configuração

Configure your sales app in a few clicks to start sending quotations in no time.

Seções & Notas

Adicione seções e notas às suas cotações e faturas imediatamente.

Vendas Online

A new screen for customers to sign or pay their quotations has been added. You can also combine signature & payment to strengthen the customer commitment.


Use building blocks to create quotation templates. Set a default validity duration and use standardized template offers. 

Relatórios de vendas

Sales reports have been unified with all the sales teams including Point of Sale.

Data de entrega

Requesting a specific delivery date from the sales order is easier.


In case a selected warehouse is out of stock of a particular product, Odoo will tell you in which warehouse you can pick up available products.

Configurador de Produto

To choose product attribute values from the sales order, click options. Custom variants from sales orders can be generated in case of numerous combinations.


Capacidade de editar os endereços de faturamento e envio de um pedido confirmado.



Manage several websites from Odoo, each with different themes, URLs, pages, products, blogs, etc.

Tema personalizado

A new, generic screen to customize the look and feel of your website (e.g., branding colors, layout (full width, boxed), fonts, etc) has been added.

Seletor de cores personalizado

Define custom colors for your website components (background, header, footer, text & icons, highlight, etc.).

Blocos de construção

New building blocks have been added, including new customization options and business-oriented content. Quickly customize block height by adding padding. You can also add or remove columns easily.

SEO Wizard

A new SEO wizard has been added with a keyword tab to identify content (such as titles, descriptions, texts, H1, H2) to improve in your pages. The ability to set images for social share has also been added.

Gerenciamento da Media

Choosing background pictures is quicker and easier thanks to the new media manager.


A new option on website topbar menu to embed it in the first block of the page for a better visual harmony. Keep the website menu visible when scrolling down. 


Use the Unsplash search in the media manager to find beautiful, free images to create your websites.


The website backend has been redesigned for easier navigation and configuration. The app store has also been revamped to install new features more easily. 


Customize and edit dynamic pictures by double-clicking on them. Import images from URL. Crop, flip, and rotate images. Find images from Unsplash.    

Áreas para largar

Areas to drop snippets or to set pictures have been improved for a better design experience.

Melhor tamanho do logotipo

The company logo is now displayed in full size in the top menu.


The automatic website footer has been replaced by a fully customizable one. 


Agora você pode organizar etiquetas de blog por categoria para ajudar na navegação.


When archiving a forum, URLs of related topics are deactivated so forum pages are no longer searchable. 


A new building block to show a Facebook fan page widget on your website has been created.


Barra de configuração

Get your payment methods and taxes configured in a few clicks to run your eCommerce.


New dashboard views allow you to analyze online sales using filter, grouping, and comparison possibilities.


Imprima e envie códigos para clientes com um modelo de email dedicado.


The checkout experience has been optimized to make it quicker, easier, and fully responsive. The new checkout flow will positively impact your sales!

Zoom nas Imagens do Produto

Zoom on product images has been revamped. It applies to any picture allowing a 50% zoom. The zoom feature is also a configurable option: no zoom, on click, or on hover.

Número de IVA

A customer can set company data and VAT number in the checkout or portal interface as long as a first order is not confirmed.


Better design. Free sign up is also the new default mode for customer portal accounts.

Planilhas de Horas e Previsões


You can now create a SO and Invoice from the project app itself (project overview). 

Classificação do funcionário 

Different employees can now add their timesheets on the same project or task at different rates.


Um projeto pode agora ser previsto por dia, semana ou mês.

Unidades de tempos

Employees can now choose a unit of time to encode their timesheets: e.g., hours or days.

Horas Planeadas

When the ordered quantity of a sales order line is updated, the planned hours of the corresponding task are updated accordingly.

Criação de relatórios

Uma visualização dinâmica para comparar planilhas de horas e previsões foi adicionada. 



Modelos de projeto para projetos criados automaticamente foram adicionados.


Subtasks can be out of a project to be used. See at a glance for the allocated hours and the hours spent both on the parent task and its children.


As etapas iniciais para a integração foram aprimoradas para facilitar a adoção pelos usuários.


Visão geral de Projeto

Get expenses and vendor bills related to your project on your project overview. You can also view how much was re-invoiced to the customer.


A new "Attach Document" button allows you to select a picture or file to attach to the expense.


To avoid payment delays for employees, accountants now have a direct link to the expense reports to approve, located in the vendor bills card in the accounting dashboard


Easily fill out an expense form in Odoo with direct access to the expenses document.

Central de Ajuda


Since helpdesk teams may have different working schedules, SLAs are now defined at the team level.


An attachment field has been added by default on the ticket submission form. The attachments are logged in the chatter of the ticket for easier access.


Designer de Relatórios

Use the new studio tool to create new PDF reports and customize existing ones.

Logotipo do aplicativo

You can now edit an app's logo right from the studio interface. 

Mover Campos

Os campos que já estão em exibição agora podem ser arrastados e soltos.

Barra de estado

Activate and edit a pipeline status bar from the form view.

Campos monetários

You can now create monetary fields.

Valores de Seleção

Values of new selection fields can be edited and sorted.

Redimensionamento de Imagem

O tamanho de uma imagem agora pode ser modificado.


Pagamentos Online

Confirmed online transactions create a payment for easy reconciliation. They also show up as notifications in the document’s chatter for easier follow-up.

Barra de configuração

Setup your accounting in 4 steps and get your invoicing policy ready to use. 

Comunicação por fatura

An automatically generated communication field, based on invoice number, has been added to the payment request for wire payments. 

Códigos QR

Your customers can now scan a QR code with their banking app to pay. The QR code is on PDF invoices and shows up in the payment screen of quotations and invoices.

Notas de crédito no Painel de Controle

Clicking on “View Invoices” from the sales dashboard now gives access to the customer credit notes too. 

OCR & FacturX (IaP)

Use invoice data recognition from a PDF or picture to fill in vendor bill fields. 


Automatically synchronize your currency exchange rates regularly with new provider XE.COM

Preenchimento automático de faturas de fornecedores

Use o preenchimento automático a partir de entradas anteriores ou de um pedido de compra.


Stripe is now a payment acquirer that can be used to pay on eCommerce, subscriptions or classic sales.


Barra de configuração

Setup your accounting in 4 steps and get an accounting environment ready to run your company.

Pagamentos em & Transferências Bancárias

Payment is only validated in Odoo once you have proof of payment; it stays as a draft before that. You can also now set up a direct debit on batch payments. 

Várias melhorias na usabilidade

New dashboards, graphs, style reports, and visual improvements, have been added.  

Correspondência Bancária

Ability to create rules based on contact, description, amount, etc. have been added. Rules can be processed automatically, manually, or proposed to users for validation. 


Accounting payments (bank statements) and acquirer payments (credit card) have been merged for easy reconciliation.

Taxas de câmbio

A criação de taxas de câmbio negativas ou 0 agora está impedida.

Auditoria ao relatório fiscal

Clique nas linhas do relatório fiscal para auditá-las.

Termos de pagamento

More flexibility and precision in payment terms setup have been added. E.g., invoice due in 15 days, the 7th of the month.

Reverter registros

Reverter automaticamente uma entrada em uma data específica.

Relatórios Financeiros

Filters and "group by" have been added to financial reports to allow comparisons. 

Contabilidade analítica 

Improvement on analytic accounting hierarchy on analytic accounts, analytic distribution allowed thanks to the use of analytic tags, new analytic accounting report, etc. 

Ano fiscal

O suporte para o ano fiscal personalizado foi adicionado.


Escolha entre um orçamento analítico ou geral da conta ou ambos.

Sincronização bancária

Switch to new PLAID API with new supported online institutions. Clearer research on bank institutions added.



Set value manually for "Client Nihil" when exporting a Belgian tax report in XML. Intrastat module and reports improvements.


You can now export your accounting data in the DATEV-Format. Layout adapted for localization. Export XML to import on ELSTER.


Mod 347 report, mod 349 report, BOE exportation for all supported mod reports.


Improvement in tax reports. A distinction is now possible between services and products. 

Estados Unidos

Melhoria dos modelos de verificação.


Novos ficheiros ABA para pagamentos bancários Australianos.


As taxas de câmbio podem ser atualizadas automaticamente do Banco do Canadá.


Compliance with the tax reform of 2018. ISR reference added on the bank accounts.


Chart of accounts and taxes have been updated for the Chinese localization.  

Hong Kong

The accounting localization (CoA, taxes, ...) for Hong Kong is now available. 


The accounting localization for Singapore has been completed. GST Returns and IRAS Audit File have been added. 


Fatura eletrônica através de um ficheiro XML.


Alertas para o vendedor

The assigned salesperson will now be alerted when something needs to be done on the subscription.


Forçar o modo de faturamento, manualmente, com um token, após um pagamento.


Attach an email template to a stage to get customers' feedback about services.

Avaliação de desempenho

Obtenha KPIs sobre o desempenho das subscrições.


Get global KPIs through the subscription overview, including views like graph and new cohort view.


Visualização Switcher

Adicionado o alternador de visualizações para melhorar a experiência do usuário em aplicativos para dispositivos móveis.

Painel de procura

The search tool on mobile devices has been improved and a "Group By" option was added.

Butões de estatísticas

Melhor exibição de botões de estados em dispositivos móveis.


Get access to the camera more easily. It allows creating expenses even more quickly.

Editor Online

Edite e crie código através da interface

SSH access (coming soon)

Access your Odoo.SH databases from any SSH clients.
ETA: Q4 2018

Trabalhador escalável

Você pode selecionar o número de workers que deseja usar.

Repositório Editável

Edite o código e envie-o para o Github através do terminal Odoo.SH. 


Veja as estatísticas quando em funcionamento dos vários servidores do SH.



Prevent users from deleting base data like UoM categories or activity types. Prevent users from breaking email templates. Super Admin created to prevent users from breaking admin access rights.

Gerenciador de ações

Action manager refactored. Removed View Manager which is now included in action manager.

Desempenho de teste

Otimizou  o processo de notificação e computação de seguidores.

Remover ação no Fetchmail

Incoming email servers are no longer linked to a unique model. With aliases and automatic thread creation, emails can create records in various models.

Menos dependências

Survey doesn't depend on website anymore. Purchases don't depend on stock. UoM has been extracted from products. 

Teste em Python

Testes Yml foram removidos e substituídos pelo teste Python.

Bootstrap 4

The UI has been migrated from bootstrap 3.3.7 to bootstrap 4

Otimização de desempenho

Translations loaded 10x faster and module installation time reduced 15% by avoiding view validation.


Warning messages when updating a mulit-language record have been simplified/reduced. "ZeroClipboard" js lib has been replaced with "Clipboard" js lib.

Menos para o SCSS

Migre menos para o SCSS.