Carrier Grade Telecom, Advance Contact Center, IoT & CMDB based applications Integration with Odoo

We have developed a set of addons related to telecommunications & IoT. These addons are meant to be used by businesses for their day to day operations. The current set of addons focus on telephone integration into several base features of Odoo including but not limited to Sales, CRM, Project, Attendance, etc. The presentation will demonstrate features of these modules and their benefits.
Some of our addon modules features:
  • Integrated Telephony (Cloud PBX, Centrex) for enterprise, Telecom Operators & Hosted Telephony Providers   
  • Worldwide incoming numbers (DDI) Procurement & Distribution for telecom operators/carriers with advance distribution management   
  • Management Tools for Inventory Items (Phones, DDI, Mobile SIM, IT Assets)   
  • Automation of Product Life Cycle (Purchase -> Inventory -> Sales -> Payments - including direct debit)    Branded Mobile SIM, CRM integrated Call Centre & Voice Campaign   
  • Inbuilt Browser based Web Softphone with Click to call, Call Recording & Customer Information Popup   
  • Odoo Mobile Apps with Integrated Telephony, Click to call, Call Recording & Customer Information Popup   
  • Fully Automated provisioning of Mobile SIM and phones   
  • Automated Attendance System using WiFi (IoT)   
  • Attendance via phone call
We specialize in building custom Odoo modules for automating business processes and integrating customer's existing applications & systems with Odoo.