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 Innovate investment Real Estate Company
Innovate investment Real Estate Company Imobiliária
Innovest Properties Company, specialized and focused on properties development sector. Adopt innovative ways of building energy-saving and raising standards of quality of life. The company is committed to developing a fully-fledged residential project. Innovest has teamed up with leading local companies and pioneered the use of smart building technology, rapid construction of homes and giant international companies in implementing residential units in record time.
6th of October Investors Association
6th of October Investors Association Imobiliária
The 6th of October Investors Association is a non-governmental association registered with the Ministry of Social Solidarity with registration number 753 of 1984 and is considered the first investor association established in the new cities and it represents the 6th of October City investors in various industrial fields such as food, ready-made clothes, yarn, textile, and industries Dermatology, which includes 11 industrial areas and more than 2,300 factories taking into account the interests of members of the association.

• Developing the local community in 6th of October City economically, socially and at the educational level
· Establishing a system to enhance integration between industry, services and scientific institutions on the sixth of October
· Providing human resource development for members and employees
• Solve technical problems for factories by cooperating with scientific institutions and assisting investors in solving problems with government institutions, opening new fields for investment for large and medium industrial projects.
• Study and report on technological progress for the benefit of investors.
Al Jeel Al Saeid is an investment company with property development establishment. We consist of renting and operating self-owned or leased real estate.
Abdullatif AlZayani & Sons Co. W.L.L.
Abdullatif AlZayani & Sons Co. W.L.L. Imobiliária
Family owned Real Estate Firm to manage all family properties from centralized office in Kingdom of Bahrain managed by local expert team. Abdullatif AlZayani & Sons Co. W.L.L. has manage many types of properties under its portfolio like commercial, residential , villa's and SP projects.
Adeem Real Estate office
Adeem Real Estate office Imobiliária
Family owner real estate office to manage all family owner properties from centralized office in Kingdom of Bahrain managed by local expert team. ARK has many classes of properties under it portfolio from commercial, residential and SP projects.
Ahmed Alsalamah Group
Ahmed Alsalamah Group Imobiliária
يقف أحمد السلامة مطورون عقاريون من عام ١٩٩٢م خلف عدد كبير من المشاريع العقارية. وتشمل هذه المشاريع: فنادق – وحدات سكنية – مجمعات تجارية – مباني مكتبية – شقق ...
Al Maaly Real Estate Investment
Al Maaly Real Estate Investment Imobiliária
Ma’aly is a national for-profit holding real estate investment organization, whose business line is :
Developing :
( Developing gated compounds of houses in the suburbs of Cairo in Egypt to create an integrated lifestyle )

Ma’aly is the holding of two subsidiary companies:
1- Professional Connections Consultancy
(which provides services in sales, marketing, facility management, finance, and customer services, (Remax Franchise)

2 -Professional Connection For Trade & Distribution
Alfa 10 Red Inmobiliaria S.L.
Alfa 10 Red Inmobiliaria S.L. Imobiliária
Gestión de ventas y facturación, sistema de comisiones de agentes, contabilidad, incluyendo gestión de señales.
Alfen SA
Alfen SA Imobiliária
Alfen SA est une société anonyme à buts non lucratifs, fondée par la
Fédération des Etudiants Neuchâtelois (FEN), organisation faîtière des
associations d'étudiants de l'Université de Neuchâtel (UniNe). L’entier
du capital d’Alfen SA est d’ail...
Alghanim International Corp. W.L.L.
Alghanim International Corp. W.L.L. Imobiliária
Alghanim International Corp. is Kuwaiti company specialized in different business sector; construction and trading activity

We are implementing Odoo; Invoicing & Accounting.
Amjad Gate Real Estate
Amjad Gate Real Estate Imobiliária
AMJAD Real Estate WLL is one of Bahrain’s leading real estate companies, with several firsts to its credit. To deliver and manage a well-designed built environment in Bahrain which creates value for customers, shareholders, investors, and the communities where it operates.

AMJAD Real Estate WLL has a remarkable presence in Bahrain; it owns, develops and manages many spectacular and buildings in Bahrain. AMJAD Real Estate WLL owns many notable projects in Bahrain, Seef District, Juffair area’s to manage operate by their Bahraini local Experts
Baked UAE
Baked UAE Imobiliária
BAKED UAE was established in 2018 providing fresh and frozen high-quality products to well-known Hotels, Restaurants and Coffee Shops. BAKED UAE is a privately owned Bakery & Pastry wholesale manufacturer based in Ras Al Khaimah, United Arab Emirates.

BAKED UAE team initially implemented Odoo to handle all their ERP implementation. Growing rapidly, they needed to adapt to the quick environment and market demands to provide an advanced customer journey and retail experience.

Solution and added Value:
With the help of Ever Business solutions, BAKED UAE optimized their implementation by adding many additional features and functionalities on top of the existing Odoo environment. With many tailored applications including but not limited to, CRM, e-Commerce, Sales, Inventory & POS, BAKED UAE are now ranked first in their line of business and providing a Class A service for all their customers.
Basmaya City
Basmaya City Imobiliária
بسماية هي مشروع مدينة تقع على مسافة 10 كم جنوب شرق مدينة بغداد، وهي جزء من محافظة بغداد. تنفذ شركة هانوا الكورية هذا المشروع. يعتبر مشروع مدينة بسماية الجديدة أول وأكبر مشروع تنموي في تاريخ العراق، حيث تقع مدينة بسماية إلى الجنوب الشرقي من مدينة بغداد وتبعد حوالي (10) كم عن حدود مدينة بغداد على الطريق الدولي الرابط بين بغداد- كوت. وعلى مساحة 1.830 هكتار، (18,300 كيلو متر) ومن المؤمل أن تستوعب حوالي 600.000 شخص وإجمالي عدد الوحدات السكنية هو 100.000 وحدة. كما سيتم إنشاء شبكة من البنى التحتية من كهرباء وماء وشوارع رئيسية، اضافة إلى المرافق العامة التي ستقوم حكومة العراق بتطويرها ومنها المرافق التعليمية والدينية والترفيهية والتجارية، وأيضا محطات معالجة المياه ومعالجة مياه الصرف الصحي. ستملأ مدينة بسماية الجديدة من أكثر المدن تميزا في العراق ومنطقة الشرق الأوسط وأول مشروع عملاق من مشاريع برنامج الإسكان الوطني
Best House for Contracting
Best House for Contracting Imobiliária
Specializing exclusively in building custom houses and finishing luxury
homes in New Cairo, Best House is New Cairo's premier custom home builder
with a portfolio of over 65 houses.
Bokhowa Group W.L.L.
Bokhowa Group W.L.L. Imobiliária
BKG is one of the largest Contracing company in bahrain . CEO said "When I decided to commence our business in 1974, I envisioned that it would grow to be one of the largest and most successful construction companies in the Kingdom of Bahrain . Today, I can proudly say that it has achieved that and more.
Strong business relationships are the foundation of any entrepreneurial organization. To succeed in a global environment, these relationships must continuously deliver innovative solutions, value creation and
outstanding service. The best evidence of a company’s success in satisfying these criteria is the increasing clientele and broadening of our business sectors.
The ambitious plans of the Bokhowa Group could not have been possible without the invaluable contribution made by its personnel. The Group and its staff share the same principles, ideas and values. We believe that such an approach allows employees to realize their true potential, work more enthusiastically and therefore more productively.
The evolving needs of our customers also substantially contribute to our success. They encourage usto make inroads in new businesses; setting higher standards that made our company the contractor of choice.
I believe our success is our clients’ success leading to mutual profitable growth and encouraging us to grow, aspire, and ascend. We will then be able to live up to our name — The Bokhowa Group.
CE Developments Kft.
CE Developments Kft. Imobiliária
Komplex szolgáltatásukkal elégítenek ki minden igényt az ingatlan üzemeltetés, - bérbeadás és - adás-vétel területén. Fiatalos csapat és hatalmas lendület jellemzi a vállalkozást.