Peeters NV: Digitizing the Information Flow with Odoo

Company name: Peeters De Raamproducent
Location: Dessel, Belgium
Industry: Construction 
Partner name: Digimedio
Odoo account manager:
Daniel Verhulst
Main Apps implemented: Helpdesk, Accounting, Customized apps
Company size: 45 employees
Number of Odoo Users: 9 users

About Peeters NV

Peeters De Raamproducent has been producing aluminium windows and doors since 1970. At the time, the main activity consisted of coating gutters in plastic and the sale of all kinds of PVC articles such as pipes and wells for the construction sector. 

Today, Peeters has the most modern machines and with their 50 employees, offer beautiful creations for the window market. With the history of the family business in combination with healthy business operations, they are more than cable to deliver excellent quality to their customers. Peeters always chooses the best brands and materials to ensure a perfect delivery and customer satisfaction.

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As a manufacturer of aluminum windows and doors, Peeters is always looking for added value in design. Sleek, architectural and minimalistic windows and doors are their trademark. The windows and doors Peeters were producing were of top quality however the communication with customers needed improvement.

Peeters desired to communicate with their customers in a structured way. They wanted clear communication regarding deliveries, complaints and the empty window stands which they should return within a certain period of time. Previously, this communication was conducted via email and telephone. Whilst these were good forms of communication, much of the content from these methods was often lost or forgotten. 

After identifying these pain points, Peeters decided to sort after an ERP system to help them improve communication and keep on top of the internal flow of information. Odoo was first introduced to Peeters by Odoo Silver partner Digimedio. Against all other ERPs in the market, the manufacturer decided to go with Odoo due to the fair price and its easily customizable possibilities. The implementation went smoothly thanks to the hard work and dedication by Digimedio. The ability to develop customized apps was of high value to Peeters and thanks to Digimedio, this is something they were able to implement into their digital transformation. 

Since implementing Odoo, all of Peeters after sales communication is now bundled into one communication channel. Both customers and employees can easily access information through the online web application built in Odoo. 

In addition, Peeters uses the helpdesk app for pending complaint tickets and a customized app called ‘Bokken tool’ to follow up on empty window stands which are in use by customers and should be returned within a certain period of time. 

“Odoo enables us to have an open and clear communication platform with our customers”
- Guy Van Orshaegen, Business Controller at Peeters NV
Odoo has simplified Peeters’ entire administration system. The more structured method of communication has been a big win and has saved Peeters a huge amount of time. 
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