Larson Jewelers & Odoo are a perfect pair

Company: Larson Jewelers

Location: United States

Industry: Retail (Diamond & Jewelry)

Apps implemented: CRM, Sales, Purchase, Inventory, Invoicing, and Accounting

Company Size: 30+ Employees Odoo Users: 10+ Active Users Hosting: Odoo Sh Implementation Partner: Brainvire Infotech Inc. Implementation Timeline: 6+ Months

For more than a decade, Larson Jewelers has created fine, one-of-a-kind wedding bands for more than 1,000,000 happy customers.

Larson is the best place to find the perfect wedding ring at any price. They offer a wide range of products, from the latest tungsten rings to dazzling palladium wedding bands. And, whether you're looking for diamonds or white gold, Larson has everything you could ever need - and more. The rings are available in a variety of materials, including brushed, wire-brushed, coated, satin, sandblasted, and hammered.

Their laser engraving technique is often used to carve personalized messages on their rings. Laron's online store is easy-to-use, and they have professional wedding band specialists on support to answer any questions their customers may have. 

So, when you are in the market for a top-of-the-line, picture-perfect wedding band, Larson Jewelers is the only place to go.

Challenges of outdated technology

Larson Jewelers' main request was to maintain their multiple methods of business management, by migrating the older version of Magento 2.1. This required the use of multiple resources and applications to complete different tasks and functions. They also used Quickbooks to handle their accounts and budgets, as well. However, unlike Odoo, it was not a full-fledged, fully-automated software.

Their existing eCommerce platform was outdated, and built with other third-party tools for added operations. Larson Jewelers' various business activities were not being represented exclusively by this unorganized and dispersed system.

Since Larson Jewelers' products are highly personalized, it was challenging for them to keep track of purchases, payments, and customization requirements with this disorganized process. Larson Jewelers wanted a secure architecture in place to better run their system. This was important because there are so many diverse things that go into the making of one of their products.

Accounting functionality in Odoo: Integration and configuration

- Odoo eCommerce Integration
By consolidating Odoo, and their existing eCommerce system, Larson Jewelers is profiting from both platforms, by simplifying and optimizing data storage. Odoo integration with the latest Magento allows store partners to connect Odoo and Magento. This helps them synchronize customers, purchase orders, stock catalogs, invoices, and more.

- Multi-Company Accounting Configuration
Odoo's multi-company accounting configuration allows their businesses to not only share the same Odoo database, but also share supply chain workflows (sales and purchases). It also organizes documents into multiple journals to distribute positions among multiple users, making multi-journal entries easier.

- Engraving Functionality
Larson is the go-to location to find the perfect wedding ring - no matter what your budget may be. The rings are available in a variety of materials, including polished, satin, hammered, brushed, wire-brushed, and sandblasted. Laser engraving technology is often used to engrave personal messages on rings.

- Discount functionality
The sales module configuration settings allow you to unlock the discount functionality. Discounts can be managed in Odoo on each order line of selling, the complete order of sale, and the customer invoice. The discount could be a percentage or a fixed number. You can even build a stock quote or order now.

- Sales commission
This module enables you to identify sales agents and their commissions, as well as delegate them to customers and sales orders. After that, you will settle these commissions and generate the related invoices to pay their commission payments. You have the option of specifying which base number would be considered: net amount (margin-adjusted) or gross amount (line subtotal amount).

- 'Cart-to-Quote' Functionality
Larson Jewelers accepts orders for their goods through the 'Cart-to-Quote' feature. These orders are provided by leads that are created by the company's websites, where interested parties enter their specifications in the form of quotes, located in their virtual cart.

These quotes may be for a variety of wedding bands and rings. On Odoo, these leads (or quotes) are saved and prepared as orders. The order will be processed, via the website, until the quote has been accepted in the backend by the Larson Jewelers team.

To ensure on-time deliveries and operation, the order management process in Odoo can be monitored in real-time. The order progresses over several levels.

- Sales Order revision
When the consumer needs to make a new revision, we've added a button to the quotation view that allows them to revise the sales order. Quotes in the draft and canceled states may be revised by users. Quotations that have been revised will remain in the Quotations menu. If the selling order is amended, the sales order source can be found on the form on which it was updated.

- Charts Of Accounts Configuration
Odoo's chart of accounts is part of the accounting promise, which deals with the balance sheet or benefit and loss accounts. Both fiscal activities are of a radical manner. The variety of financial systems indicates and informs the user about various facets of the company's fiscal state.

- Reconciliation Functionality
This functionality allows users to complete a number of tasks. They can create an automated reconciliation process, log additional journal products on the move, and window-shop efficiently. You can even use the manual reconciliation interface for both free and paid invoices. 

Account numbers are learned by standard reconciliation at the opening. Odoo is instantly pairing over 95% of their invoices and payments, and the smart matching app helps them to do the remaining 5% in record time.

- Product Bundle functionality
The Odoo Product Bundle modules, also known as the Combo Product module, allows you to incorporate several products with appropriate pricing. Bundling items, or creating a Subscription Pack, will help increase profits by offering exclusive discounts.

As we all know, product bundling is the combination of two or more products (or services) to implement analysis and better value, thus advancing the sale to the customer at a standard price. Product bundling is based on the premise that customers save a certain amount when purchasing the bundled package over the individual products when ordered separately.

This module allows users to:

- Create a single product bundle from a variety of items
- Add many products as if they were a single product
- Create a Sales Order, and include bundle products in the picking process
- Print invoices
- Keep track of inventory for each bundled product

- Procurement Management
Larson Jewelers may also effectively simplify their procurement workflow using the Odoo ERP. Procurement rules based on sales orders, stock prices, projected manufacturing orders, logistic rules, and other considerations would aid in improving their buying and inventory performance. They will use different replenishment approaches to suit their needs depending on the manufacturing and delivery techniques required for each product.

They can easily import pricelists and references from suppliers to make more informed buying decisions based on discounts, numbers, and special deals. They monitor the status of an order and the supply of a component in their supplier's stock from inside the app. They may also set the sales price depending on the supplier's cost.

A comprehensive analysis

Larson Jewelers has received personalized reports from Brainvire's Odoo production team. None of these reports were native to Odoo, and others had to be custom-built to meet the client's particular business needs.

Larson Jewelers manages a vast inventory of various ring types, bands, customizations, settings, and engravings. Customers purchase jewelry based on any of these requirements at any time. As a result, Larson Jewelers must have an effective method of keeping track of all this data.

Brainvire added reports analyzing all of these unique topics (and more) to help explain what their top-selling goods are, how much inventory they require, and what the potential market for their jewelry is at any given moment. Their sales staff will also sort orders by time or by recent orders.

Engravings, configurations, and personalized products are examples of customizations for which reports can be created.

Brainvire’s implementation for Larson Jewelers

Larson Jewelers transformed their business processes (and invoicing) with Odoo. They are now expecting a long-term partnership with Brainvire for Odoo and for the digital marketing results that they have experienced so far.

Brainvire allowed Odoo to handle omnichannel, provide multiple pricing options for a single product, and integrated Odoo with their eCommerce platform. In addition, Quickbooks was supplanted with Odoo Accounting, which boosted team effectiveness and Larson Jewelers' return on investment. Odoo also managed ring engraving customization and Amazon Marketplace integration.

All functions at Larson Jewelers, such as payroll, filing, customizations, as well as billing and payments, were all merged into Odoo to provide a full and clear view of all their current business operations.

All of this was possible thanks to the amazing tasks undertaken by the strong team at Brainvire. The objective was to significantly boost customer journeys, and Odoo more than exceeded those expectations.

Brainvire's Odoo ERP Consulting services will continue to play an important part in assisting the company's smooth advancement to Odoo.

About Larson Jewelers

Larson Jewelers is a famous jewelry retailer, specializing in one-of-a-kind, top quality, fully-customizable wedding bands that are tailor-made to fit any style (or budget).

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