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Company Name: Latzio 
Location: UK
Industry: Retail
Odoo Users: 1
Apps: Sales, Inventory, Purchase, Invoicing
Implementation Partner: Brainvire Infotech Inc.
Implementation Timeline: 3 Months

About Latzio

Latzio is a forward-thinking European lifestyle brand that crafts home decor. They have a strong commitment to sustainable growth, and they operate responsibly from beginning to end.

Whenever the business welcomes a new designer, they ensure that their intentions are consistent with their company's goals. They hand-pick ethical, trustworthy partners, and they always plan to develop long-term relationships with them. The company's system is designed to be user-friendly, and deliver excellent customer service. The experts they work with are handpicked from the interior design industry, so you know you'll always get your desired living area by product, brand, or trend.

They strive to keep their clients informed during the purchase process, and provide professional assistance (when needed). They believe good design, craftsmanship, and a great customer experience are essential building blocks for any successful company.


Latzio is known for bringing quality furniture, and other lifestyle products, to consumers all over the world, but they didn't have the resources to stock their items in one location. As such, Latzio chose Diamond Logistics as their 3PL provider, in order to easily dropship and cross-dock, while still marketing under a single brand.

Latzio already has a Magento website, but they needed Brainvire to provide solutions for the backend of things.

They required a backend solution that could be integrated with their Magento website, through a connector, in order to improve the efficiency of their shipping process.

Brainvire-Odoo Customization

3PL-Odoo Integration

The request was to integrate Diamond Logistics with Odoo ERP, to better handle shipment and other customer relationship management (CRM) procedures. Furthermore, inside the logistics integration, a continuous data analysis system should be included and supported. This implies that there will be data moving from Odoo to the logistical system, in general.

We integrated the previously-integrated 3PL with Odoo to track the order fulfillment, shipping process, inventory management, and sales management. This has become an integral part of Latzio. Now, they can follow the order management, and the inventory dashboard, according to the vendors (and the orders) easier than ever before.

Magento-Odoo Connector

We incorporated Magento Connector to assist Latzio in the synching of their orders, from their Magento websites and Odoo system. This significantly minimized the time spent on their website, thus keeping their usual routine much simpler.

Xero-Odoo Customization

Order fulfillment and order splitting are two critical features for Latzio. They were very comfortable with Xero Accounting, so they didn't want to move to Odoo for their accounting needs. However, Brainvire experts discovered a connection between the applications, and Latzio can now generate reports using real-time data in both apps.

It's all about Order Fulfillment!

Latzio is a growing lifestyle company, and they need as much time as they can get to deal with unforeseen issues, such as: inventory management, warehouse management, and dropshipping problems. Collecting product information from Odoo dropshipping modules helped enhance the efficiency of their dropshipping process by tenfold.

That aspect of their business is an integral part of Latzio, and it was abundantly necessary to outsource their shipping and fulfillment operations to meet customer demands. Diamond Logistics 3PL enabled them to save time, money, and resources, allowing them the time to focus on more strategic product development and marketing tasks. Service providers also transport goods to their destination. In addition, they ensure that customers receive their orders on time.

It is the mix of inventory management, order management, and sales management under a single dashboard that really helped Latzio improve as a company. With this kind of system in place, they are able to see all of their customers' orders in a single view, including all the tracking data. 

If you use any 3PL company for the fulfillment, it is possible to integrate your shipments with Odoo ERP.

1. Inventory Management

The experts at Brainvire helped them customize the inventory dashboard (and the inventory management) in Odoo ERP. Dropshipping works with multiple levels, where stock-keeping unit levels are the highest. This helps in the tracking of all products, and can be used for fulfillment purposes from a 3PL company.

2. Order Management

In order to maintain high levels of customer satisfaction, you need to make sure that there are no delays in processing and/or delivering orders. Latzio can create orders based on 3PL shipments, and at the same time, they get integrated tracking. It also has an option to import shipment data through CSV files.

3. Sales Management

Sales management is a vital part of any business. With the Odoo Sales module, Latzio can monitor their invoices quickly and easily. They can also keep track of their outstanding payments, the quantity of stocks, brands, and so much more. The Odoo Sales module manages Latzio's customer invoices with taxes, payments, and discounts. They can also set up a negative balance for their customers.

4. Reports

The team at Brainvire conducted a thorough review of Latzio's entire shipping, sales, and inventory process. The Brainvire experts simplified those processes quickly and easily through Odoo. Now, Latzio's sales team can review the accuracy of invoices, in order to make sure that each one is sent out quickly. Brainvire also created reports based on 3PL shipments, sales, and invoices - with tracking data - from a single dashboard.

5. Customizable Dashboards

Brainvire experts customized their business suite through Odoo, based on what look (and feel) the customer preferred. They now have a customized procurement and inventory dashboard. The Odoo dropshipping module has a dashboard for each department. 

For example, the order management dashboard allows Latzio to see the orders from all of their customers (and their tracking status). It also helps them add new charges, edit existing orders, or even cancel an order (if needed).

  • Procurement Dashboard

Within the procurement dashboard, they wanted to keep tabs on how many quantities are to be purchased, how many portions are in transit, when this quantity is due in the warehouse, and what their open orders need in order to be fulfilled. Each brand should have a dedicated screen.

Latzio wanted to keep everything brand-specific, as well as register each product with the company that made it. So, based on the brand, how much you're buying, and every record in between, can be found within the procurement dashboard.

  • Inventory Dashboard

Odoo's custom inventory dashboard provides several details about its replenishment management.

With the Odoo defaults, if your quantity reached the minimum threshold, it will automatically suggest that you buy more. It will also tell you how many at a time, and how to order the product (if it is attached to that vendor in Odoo).

If you have a special issue with a particular vendor, please contact the appropriate customer service.

  • Sales Management Dashboard

One of the most important things for a manager to do is track and manage customers. The Sales Management dashboard allows Latzio to create invoices, list transaction histories, and make notes about each customer in an easy-to-read format. It also helps to add a discount (or tax amount) and send it, via email.

6. Billing and Customer Information

Latzio can get their customer's information from the Odoo dropshipping module. Customers can be searched (and viewed) with billing, shipping, payment, notes, and more. Multiple users can share a customer for any purpose (such as: shipment management, order management, or even invoice creation).

7. Shipment Management

The shipment data can be imported from the 3PL company using CSV files. From the Odoo dropshipping module, Latzio can edit (or add new) shipment data.

A Quick Recap

Brainvire's Odoo experts have provided Latzio with a customized module for better dropshipping, order fulfillment tracking, and fulfillment, in general. Very few of these tracking features are possible through other ERP solutions, which is just one of the many reasons why Odoo is so great! Also, the various customizations helped the client meet their specific business needs and requirements.

Brainvire has integrated two things that were already present before: the 3PL and the Xero Accounting software. The reports analyze all of these unique issues to illustrate their top-selling products, what stock they need more of, and what the prospective marketplace is for their furniture collections (and other lifestyle products).

Orders will also be sorted by timeframes, or by the most current transactions (by sales personnel), through the help of an easy-to-navigate dashboard.

Brainvire-Latzio Collaboration

With Odoo, Brainvire improved Latzio's inventory management and 3PL tracking solution to enhance every aspect of their business. They are now anticipating a long-term relationship with Brainvire, mainly because of all the benefits they've witnessed firsthand working with Odoo.

To improve their tracking, workflow in the backend, inventory management, procurement management, and order fulfillment, Brainvire utilized Odoo's wide range of capabilities to deal with the customization that Latzio requested. Moreover, they built a simplified, efficient dashboard to handle the dropshipping, procurement, and replenishment management better than ever before.

Latzio's functionalities and features (including sales, accounting, inventory, shipping, and 3PL configuration), were combined with Odoo to offer detailed (and straightforward) insight into all the order fulfillment. And, it's all thanks to the outstanding work performed by the amazing Brainvire workforce.

The goal of this implementation was to improve their business processes, and Odoo exceeded all expectations by leaps and bounds. Brainvire's Odoo ERP Consulting Services are likely to play a crucial part in helping this company seamlessly transition fully to Odoo. 

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