Al-Jedad Holding: Transforming Business with Odoo

Al-Jedad Holding

Company Name: Al-Jedad Holding
Country: Qatar
Industry: Manufacturing
Main Apps: Purchase, Sales, Inventory, Accounting, Manufacturing, Recruitment, Time-Off
Number of Odoo Users: 26​
Odoo Customer Success Manager: Jawad Maatouk​
Odoo Implementing Partner: NextMove Business Solutions​

In the ever-evolving landscape of business management, adaptability and efficiency are key to staying competitive. Al-Jedad Holding, under the leadership of CEO Mohamed Bitar, embarked on a transformational journey that would reshape their entire organization. Established in 2004 and restructured as a holding company in 2020, Al-Jedad Holding encompasses various verticals, including marketing, food and beverage, trading, and consultancy. With a diverse portfolio that spans multiple industries, the need for streamlined management became evident. This is where Odoo ERP stepped in, catalyzing a remarkable shift from a reactive to a proactive business model.​

The Odoo Transformation:​

Recognizing the challenges posed by fragmented management, Al-Jedad Holding sought an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution that could harmonize their operations. 

They discovered Odoo, a software platform that has been making waves in the ERP industry for nearly a decade. Mohamed Bitar, CEO of Al-Jedad Holding, acknowledges the pivotal role Odoo played in this transformation: "I believe Odoo has played a big role in the last nearly 8-10 years now in transforming and making the ERP industry an easy-to-use name or solution." 

The partnership with Nextmove, an Odoo implementation partner, facilitated a seamless transition. Al-Jedad Holding recognized the importance of continuous development, adapting to market changes, and evolving strategies when necessary. Odoo's comprehensive suite of applications provided the flexibility and scalability they needed.​

Odoo's Impact: ​

One significant development was Odoo's pricing model change in version 15. Mohamed Bitar noted, "Odoo changed their model in V15 on their pricing model... it became just a user with access to all apps." 

This shift allowed Al-Jedad Holding to grant access to all of their employees, ensuring everyone had the tools they needed to excel in their roles. The integration of Odoo applications proved invaluable. From productivity apps like Discuss, Contacts, and Meetings, to seamless integration with Google services, and a powerful HR suite, Al-Jedad Holding leveraged the full spectrum of Odoo's capabilities. 

With nine companies under one Odoo instance and over 35 users, the system facilitated efficient management and reporting. Challenges were not absent, but they were manageable. The ability to consolidate data and track departmental performance allowed Al-Jedad Holding to make dynamic decisions. Mohamed Bitar summed up Odoo's impact succinctly, describing it as "the Uber of ERP," signifying its transformative and disruptive influence in the world of enterprise management.​

Conclusion: ​

Al-Jedad Holding's journey with Odoo ERP is a testament to the power of adaptability and innovation in modern business management. The company's transformation from fragmented management to a proactive and dynamic approach illustrates how a robust ERP solution can be a game-changer for organizations of all sizes and industries. With Odoo, Al-Jedad Holding is not just managing its business; it is shaping the future of its industry. ​

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