Kairos Specialty Metals Corp

Kairos Specialty Metals Corp

What were the challenges KSM was facing and How Bista Solutions helped them?

  • Customer was using Sage ERP. There was no room for Customisation as per Business processes that were constantly changing.

  • They were Unable to integrate their ERP with other software’s and Hardware’s.

  • Support from sage was very poor Proposed Solutions.

  • Customized Sales, Purchase, Warehouse and Accounting Reports.

  • Customized Purchase Order Contract (POC) Module.

  • Customized QC Module which they will use later.

  • Customised Landed Cost and Price List for Suppliers.

  • Customized Inventory valuation, Production accounting entries, Receipt creation from POC and Shipping Notes modules.

  • Customized label printing and barcode generation.

  • Customized Dashboards.

What was the Impact on Business after Project Implementation?

After ERP Implementation by Bista Solutions, KSM experienced a stable and smooth ERP system for their users and right now, more than 10 users are using ERP for their needs. They all find ERP very easier to use and manage their daily activities. All the departments like Products, Warehouse, Purchases, Sales, Shipping, Receipts, Manufacturing and Invoicing were organized so well with the ERP. As a result, all users show their interest in ERP and provide their valuable feedback to make their needs more easier and system more better for them.