SB Electronics Engineering and Control (Pvt.) Ltd.
SB Electronics Engineering and Control (Pvt.) Ltd.
Digitalizing Energy and Microgrid Development

Company Background
• Size: 125
• Hosting type: Odoo Online
• Implementation time: 6 Months

Odoo Apps Implemented
• Accounting, Invoicing
• CRM, Sales, Projects, Helpdesk
• Website, Blogs
• Purchasing, Inventory
• Employees, Attendance, Payroll
• Social Marketing
• Discuss, Approvals, Knowledge, Documents, BI, Sign.

Key Challenges & Solutions
• Variety of Invoicing Policies: Designed processes for invoicing various goods and services, including project milestones, goods delivery, and recurring fixed services.
• Sales Tax Invoices in 6 Different Regions: SBEEC now issues sales tax invoices in 6 regions with different invoice sequences, complying with sales tax requirements easily.
• Dated website: Refreshed Odoo website
• Improved Productivity: Teams now communicate via the Discuss app instead of Slack and manage their tasks in the To-do app instead of Evernote.
• Cost Savings: Replaced different subscriptions with All-in-one Odoo.

" Working with HLC Consultants and choosing Odoo is an excellent experience for us and is a game changer for our business while reducing direct applications cost as it combines personal productivity apps with the ERP modules in one compact package. It is nimble and flexible and has good user interfaces." – Masroor Ahmad Khan, Chairman at SBEEC

" It’s great that we found Odoo else we would were going to go with something like SAP and that wouldn’t have been suitable for us at all." – Moiz Ahmad Khan, Director at SBEEC
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