Biofin is a Belgium-registered company. The company was set up to import and distribute sustainable solid fuels in Europe, with the intent to become a major distributor of industrial and household biomass. Our vision is to fuel the energy needs with sustainable solutions in order to provide vital power that does less harm to the environment.

Our mission is to be a global preferred biomass partner, developing sustainable solutions by adding value to final customers in the retail, industrial and fuel markets through a portfolio of sourcing and distribution activities. Biofin is an expert energy supplier with experience and long-standing relationships at every stage in the energy supply chain, and uses these relationships and their energy expertise to negotiate the most cost and time effective solutions.

Our People have more than 10 years of experience in commodity trading. We has managed to create long standing relationships that have allowed the group to become a prominent player in niche markets such as Asia and Europe in Biomass markets.

BIOFIN has excellent links with Russia, Africa and South East Asia having been present on the continent since the creation of the company . This enable BIOFIN to have a real and up-to-date understanding of the commercial and social situation in the regions where it operates. Through engagement with its local partners BIOFIN ensures to be able to bring the best opportunities in the energy markets to clients, whilst centrally managing the supply chain and all it encompasses: trading, logistics, storage, and delivery, nurturing the local partners in these markets, to create strong partnerships with our suppliers and to make strategic acquisitions.
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