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 Luxury Goods Trading Co.
Luxury Goods Trading Co. 도매/소매
Luxury Goods Trading Co, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, is founded by Dr. Mohammed Fitaihi in 2004. The company operates two fine jewelry brands called Baby Fitaihi, M. Fitaihi, and Mamluki.

Baby Fitaihi was found in 2005 and became the leading and first jewelry brand targeting newborns & children, with capturing a large market share. The brand has around 20 showrooms in major cities in Saudi Arabia and UAE. In addition to its physical stores, Baby Fitaihi sells through its’ online store “babyfitaihi.com and other Omni channels such as Ounass.com in UAE and Bleems.com in Kuwait.

Baby Fitaihi offers high quality, unique and luxurious designs from a wide range of collections, along with providing wonderful shopping experience through their showroom’s interior designs. All Jewelry items are made of 18K gold with diamonds and precious and semi-precious stones.

M. Fitaihi is a house of international jewelry designer brands for modern women. The brand is founded in March 2015 as a jewelry boutique in Ana Ghair Mall, Jeddah by re-branding the old brand "Fitaihi Junior". Fitaihi Junior was started in 1997 and operated until the opening of M. Fitaihi. M. Fitaihi showcases jewelry designs of its own collections and hosts most renowned upcoming jewelry designers in the world with their brands such as Suzanne Kalan, Anita Ko, Jacqui Aiche, Alessa, Sara Weinstock, Yeprem, Sevan Bicackci, among others. In addition to the store, M. Fitaihi also sells through its’ online store called m-fitaihi.com.
AVON Beauty Arabia LLC
AVON Beauty Arabia LLC 도매/소매
The roots of Avon can be traced back to 1886, when struggling door-to-door salesman David McConnell made the decision to sell perfumes, rather than books to New York homes. David McConnell was inspired, and in 1939 he chose the name 'Avon' for his growing international company.
Abdullah Al-Taezi Trading Establishment (ATTE)
Abdullah Al-Taezi Trading Establishment (ATTE) 도매/소매
Abdullah Al-Taezi Trading Establishment (ATTE) founded on the first of February 1996 at Jeddah Saudi Arabia. The mission was to provide the best bakeries and pastry (Semi-Finished) materials and services to the local market as the most excellent distributor in the local market. The services provided are include understand, very carefully, each customer’s specific needs and the time of products deliveries. All range of bakeries and pastry materials were provided to the customers from the local (Saudi Arabia) Market.
Abdullatif H. Abuljadayel & Sons Co.
Abdullatif H. Abuljadayel & Sons Co. 도매/소매
Abdullatif H. Abuljadayel EST. Established in 1984 single-handedly by Sheik Abdullatif H. Abuljadayel It was started by acquiring with worldwide known brands, HACH-For Water Quality and CHEMSEARCH -Industrial Maintenance Chemicals and ever since then as per growing market demands for Water Sector in the Kingdom, more product lines have been acquired as a comprehensive organization offering more products for Lab requirements.
Akun Modern Holding Company
Akun Modern Holding Company 도매/소매
Through these values, Akun Modern Holding is able to steer, strengthen, and safeguard its investments, focusing its resources mainly on wholesale/retail food trading sector and related businesses in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

For some time, the company fosters a thorough understanding of its investment portfolio and chosen business sector through thoughtful research, thereby acquiring informed judgment on how to manage and achieve the goals of its priced investments without sacrificing their efficiency and quality of performance.

The holding company’s lean operations have kept its financial outlay in check, and have continued to increase its intrinsic value from both short-term and long-term gains. Indeed, its operating efficiency has become a valuable asset in itself, keeping in mind streamlined operations bring about maximized resources.

Quality of management and operational performance for Akun Holding is achieved by leveraging technology and simplifying organizational bureaucracy. Translated down to its investments, these technology and lean operations facilitate efficiency and greater revenue in the long run.

Its decision-making process always takes into consideration potential risks involved in every undertaking hence it is aware that not every effort would generate its desired results. Regardless of a negative outcome, Akun Holding commits itself to a re-evaluation of its efforts, and consider alternatives or redouble initiatives that would recoup lost gains from other revenue streams.

This form of risk management is vital to the company’s determination to secure a niche in the fast-paced market economy. This allows the company to open its doors to diversify in order to adapt and to endure the changing times. For the most part, the company has maintained a sound balance sheet, risk discipline, accurate accounting, and factual financial analysis, among other business tools and values.

Akun Modern Holdings has invested in the first modernizing business that caters to the food & beverage industry, guiding it to be a leading food merchandise facility and service provider in Saudi Arabia in the near future – with the right methodology and technology in place.

Since beginning, Akun Holding has been forward-thinking and results-driven in its approach in improving and developing new objectives for its successful investments since it believes in creating not only viable, but most importantly, sustainable businesses in the Kingdom to enable the Saudi economy to flourish alongside the rest of the Middle East region.

Al Amin Marble
Al Amin Marble 도매/소매
Al-Amin is a leading company in the manufacture and trade of marble and granite with a sophisticated civilized design, serving all the palaces and giant companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Al Faizan Trading Establishment For Fruits & Vegetables
Al Faizan Trading Establishment For Fruits & Vegetables 도매/소매
Al Faizan Trading Establishment for fruits and vegetables
We are one of leading companies for fruit and vegetables import and distribution in Saudi Arabia. We serve all major supermarkets of Saudi Arabia, that makes us one of key players in the fresh category.
Al Shrouq Express
Al Shrouq Express 도매/소매
ALShorooqExpress Chauffeur offers tailored transport, vehicles for individuals, companies, public departments and embassies and a whole range of transport solutions with medium to long-term packages that are with excellent value and allow customers to choose the make, model and features of your chauffeur-driven car, as well as your long-term chauffeur, from a selection of experienced chauffeurs.
All our packages are personalized and tailored to the specific needs of our clients, also the maintenance of all provided chauffeur-driven vehicles (maintenance, repair, tyres, fuel, replacement vehicle, 24/7 assistance) is guaranteed based on the customer conditions.

- Client Since 2020
- Odoo Enterprise V14
- Status Go-Live
Al-Ajlan Group
Al-Ajlan Group 도매/소매
هي شركة سعودية متخصصة في شراء وبيع السيارات وصيانة وقطع غيار السيارات الجديدة والمستعملة منذ اكثر من 25 سنة
AlEntisar 도매/소매
Established in 1976, Entisar Food supplies (ETE) is one of the first food and household supplies companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
fulfilling clients' needs for quality products for the past 40 years through partnering with select suppliers across the globe.
Delivering a high level of service is Al Entisar’s core value which has enabled them to maintain and grow their business with their clients in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.'
AlGhomlas Wallpaper & Wood Floor
AlGhomlas Wallpaper & Wood Floor 도매/소매
Al Ghamlas provides parquet and mural wallpaper to the requirements of interior decoration for designers, exhibitions and customers, to provide a number of qualified technicians and installation specialists with the excellence of their work in quality and perfection in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
AlSalman Optics
AlSalman Optics 도매/소매
في مطلع عام ١٩٧١ كانت البداية لنظارات السلمان على يد الشيخ محمد حمد محمد السلمان رحمة الله وقد كانت بأفتتاح معرض على شارع الإمام تركي بن عبدالله بن محمد في الشميسي الجديد مقابل سوق سويقه حالياً ومنذ البداية حرصت نظارات السلمان بتوفير أفضل الماركات العالمية من النظارات الطبية والشمسية والعدسات الطبية واللاصقة ذات الجودة العالية لعملائها. ثم توالت النجاحات بفضل من الله حتى أصبحت نظارات السلمان من أول الوجهات للمستهلك لعالم البصريات في الرياض. وتفتخر نظارات السلمان بخدمتكم لأكثر من ٤٥ عاماً في ١٥ فرعاً،

Alhabib shop
Alhabib shop 도매/소매

المالك الرسمي للعلامة التجارية NADAV®
انطلاقة مفارش الحبيب كانت منذ 10 سنوات من مدينة بريدة في منطقة القصيم بالمملكة العربية السعودية، والتي أصبحت من الشركات الرائدة في عالم المفارش والمنتجات المنزلية.
ومن لحظة الانطلاق في عام 1427هـ كان التميز والتفرد قائم، حيث انفردنا بتصاميم حصرية اعتنينا بتفاصيلها وألوانها وأشكالها وحرصنا على توفير عدة تصاميم متاحة لنضمن مناسبتها لميزانية العميل وبجودة عالية وهي علامتنا الفارقة في منتجاتنا في السوق والتي تمنحك الأثر الإيجابي الدائم واللطيف في منزلك.
Aljanoub Accessories
Aljanoub Accessories 도매/소매
Minize Accessories
علامة ميني زي التجارية تقدم منتجات الموضة والجمال بأنماط عصرية وتصاميم وألوان مميزة ترغب المرأة العربية والسعودية بارتداء منتجاتها في جميع الأوقات.
ميني زي على يقين تام بأن كل ما نقدمه لكم من منتجات صممت بحب وشغف لكي تلبي جميع احتياجاتكم و رغباتكم من خلال تجربة تسوق مريحة وآمنة
Alkhaleejion Trading Est.
Alkhaleejion Trading Est. 도매/소매
Alkhaleejion offer you a vast variety of kitchen accessories, furnishings, and fixtures to help you build better, more functional workspace.
Almutatwira Polymers Trading
Almutatwira Polymers Trading 도매/소매
تعمل مؤسسة اللدائن المتطورة في تجارة ملونات اللدائن Polymers لمصانع البلاستيك في المملكة العربية السعودية
Almutlaktools 도매/소매
المطلق للتجهيزات والمعدات الصناعية : شركة متخصصة في بيع وتجهيز مواد الانارة والمواد الكهربائية والالكترونية والصناعية وتقدم مواد بمواصفات عالمية.