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Bamco Households
Baqader Trading Company known as (BAMCO) is a Saudi company. Founded in 1415 AH - 1995 AD as the owner, agent, and exclusive distributor of several international and local brands in household appliances, electrical appliances, personal care and cosmetics. Originated, to meet the needs of the consumer and make their life easier, and their moments more beautiful. With its distinguished, modern products with exceptional designs, and after-sales services, including maintenance and warranty.
Dareed Households
Established in 1992, it first introduced its comprehensive specialized cleaning solutions and steam cleaning services aiming to set a bench mark in the industry and provide premium services. In 1995, a strategic acquisition of Saudi-care took place that enabled Dareed to expand its range of services into marble treatment and protection solutions.Today, Dareed proudly stands as a top service provider with over a hundred and seventy operational staff, a fleet of highly equipped trucks and vehicles, supported by an operation and customer care centers ready to serve Dareed’s wide range of customers.
Messmat Households
Mesmst is Considered one of The most highly Experienced Saudi Facilities in the Hospitality field.

Mesmat goals and ambitions are aligned with Vision 2030 focused in advancing hotel supplies in addition to improving the quality of its services by providing high-standard products , hence; enhancing the quality of life