All your business on one platform.

Simple, efficient, yet affordable! US$ 24,90 / month
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Imagine a vast collection of business apps at your disposal.
Got something to improve? There is an app for that.
No complexity, no cost, just a one-click install.

Each app simplifies a process and empowers more people.
Imagine the impact when everyone gets the right tool for the job, with perfect integration.

If you simplify everything, you can do anything!
- Bill McDermott, former CEO of SAP

Level up your quality of work

Optimized for productivity

Experience true speed, reduced data entry, smart AI, and a fast UI. All operations are done in less than 90ms - faster than a blink.

All the tech in one platform

Device Inventory

Shop Floor

Device Expenses


Device PoS

Pokladní systém

Device IoT


Device Front Desk


Device Inventory


Device Kiosk


Enterprise software
done right.

Open source

Behind the technology is a community of 100k+ developers collaborating worldwide. We're united by the spirit of open source, and a common vision: "to transform companies, empower employees".

Odoo is available in two editions:
Community: Open Source, 100% free.
Enterprise: extra apps, infrastructure and professional services.

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Highly customizable

Use Odoo Studio to automate actions, design custom screens, custom reports, or web hooks.

Unique value

40k+ community apps

Thanks to it's open source development model, Odoo became the world's largest business apps store. Imagine getting an app for every business needs.

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No corporate bullsh*t

"With most systems, you get 70% of what you hoped. With Odoo, you get more than what you expected. You, guys, will transform the market." - Anonymous competitor

No vendor lock-in

No proprietary data format, just PostgreSQL: you own your data. No software lock-in: you get the source code, GitHub access, and the flexibility to host on our infrastructure, or on premise.

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Fair pricing

No usage-based pricing, no feature upselling, no long term contracts, no hosting limits, no surprises... just a single price per user - all inclusive.

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A unique value proposition

Unique value
Join 12 million happy users
who grow their business with Odoo

The processing time for accounting documents has been noticeably reduced, in certain cases even from 2 days to only 5 hours. As a result we can now focus on what matters: reporting and advising the client.

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Harry Van Donink
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