Silent Infotech Quiets the Competition with Odoo

Partner Name: Silent Infotech Inc.
Headquarters: Ahmedabad, India
Other Office Locations: Edison (New Jersey, USA), Flower Mound (Texas, USA), and Gandhinagar (India) 
Areas Served: USA, Canada, Europe, Australia, Saudi Arabia, and India
Number of Employees: 75+

In this current digital era, it’s all about adaptation. 

If a business can’t evolve to meet the ever-changing wants and needs of its customers (and industry), the chances of succeeding become virtually non-existent. That’s why companies are constantly searching for new, innovative ways to “stay ahead of the game” and take their business to the next level. 

However, in order for a company to implement any change into its business model, it typically requires a lot of valuable time, money, and effort on their part before things can get up-and-running. This, as you could imagine, makes the need for quick (and simple) implementations more sought after than ever. 

In short, if a company is able to discover, implement, and put a new, successful strategy (or software) into action, that’ll lessen the otherwise lengthy “turnaround time” their competitors may need to endure, allowing them to get back to dominating their industry with a fresh, newly-revamped business model.

And that’s where the brilliant folks at Silent Infotech come into play!

As elite technology partners, the experts at Silent Infotech are able to help any business create MVPs of custom features in a quick, efficient manner, helping them enact countless improvements (and groundbreaking elements) faster than ever before. Silent Infotech provides companies with a much-needed “leg up” on the competition in their respective industries, and helps businesses evolve in creative, strategic ways.

Basically, if a business is even thinking about taking an adaptive route towards lasting success, they’re going to need the help of a strong software-driven company, like Silent Infotech.

Who is Silent Infotech?

While most companies take a more "boisterous" approach to their marketing, Silent Infotech chooses a more humble, modest approach when it comes to spreading the word about their business. 

At Silent Infotech, they prefer to work in “silence,” letting their world-renowned reputation for creating useful innovations speak for themselves. They are regularly applauded (and appreciated) for their out-of-the-box ideas and problem-solving strategies. And their ongoing streak of wildly successful implementations, across various industries, has not gone unnoticed.

Speaking of, Silent Infotech focuses on (but is not limited to) the following industries: Telecom SME in EU/USA, Printing & Web-to-Print, Seafood Processing, Drone/UAV Manufacturing & Drone Service Providers, Event Management, Food Processing, Real Estate and Construction, Banking and Finance, Leisure Industry, Warehouse and Logistic Industry, and eLearning for Coaching Organizations.

And, as impressive as that list is, with Odoo by their side, Silent Infotech is more than capable of catering to the wants and needs of any business in any industry.

To put things into perspective, some of the solutions Silent Infotech has been able to provide deal directly with useful, day-to-day business elements, such as: Warehouse Management (Rack-Level Tracking), Manufacturing with Custom QC (and Multi-Level BoM), Customized PoS, eCommerce (with Custom Automation), and so much more!

This high level of consistent success is nothing new to the hardworking staff at Silent Infotech, either

Founded in 2014, by a trio of visionaries with a common goal - to solve business problems with technology - Silent Infotech has been a go-to source for a plethora of trend-setting companies, and they attribute much of their success to their partnership with the world’s most popular open-source business management software, Odoo.

Odoo Involvement

Odoo has played a key role in the evolution of Silent Infotech from the very beginning, and it's because the members of Silent Infotech knew, firsthand, just how useful Odoo was from the start. 

In fact, a few Silent Infotech staffers were former members on the Odoo team (before it was even known as “Odoo”). So, not only were they well aware of Odoo’s impressive longevity in the industry, but they were extremely familiar with Odoo’s game-changing potential to help businesses of any size, budget, or industry.

As an added advantage, whenever a client is looking for a particular enterprise solution to fix an issue, the brilliant R&D team at Silent Infotech plays an important role in helping that company get exactly what they’re looking for - and it's all thanks to the award-winning help of Odoo’s multi-faceted software.

The team at Silent Infotech isn’t afraid to go the “extra mile” for a client, especially if that additional effort will help them obtain the solution their client genuinely needs to succeed. 

For example, when the experts at Silent Infotech conduct a thorough analysis of a business, they may opt to build a customized solution from scratch, in order to ensure they are providing their client with all the elements (and features) they requested. 

The folks at Silent Infotech prefer that route over merely providing companies with lesser alternatives, as those suggested options may not prove to be as useful (or successful) as initially hoped. Besides, the team at Silent Infotech is more-than-capable of creating impeccable solutions from the ground-up, in record time, with Odoo's incredibly malleable software. So, the decision to custom build solutions for clients has, essentially, become a "no-brainer."

That’s just one of the many reasons Silent Infotech enjoys working with Odoo. The team loves Odoo’s open-source, flexible nature, and its innate ability to be just as rich (and robust) as other “Top 10” ERPs on the market.

Silent Infotech takes full advantage of this incredible partnership, which they routinely use to bring the “business dreams” of their clients to life with the utmost ease and efficiency. And that same winning approach can be found throughout their very own company, too, as they’ve been able to foster an unbeatable work environment, packed with a fusion of skilled people with experience (and talent) in various domains and software space.

“I can say this with confidence - the SIT Solutions team is a really diverse, talented, and fun group of people. I never feel like I'm working alone when I'm in the office and it seems like everyone puts others' needs ahead of their own. The company values creativity, flexibility, and taking risks so you'll find that everyone here is willing to step up and try new things as long as everyone is on board.”
- Project Manager at Silent Infotech

With the help of Odoo, and their amazing staff of software geniuses, Silent Infotech has been able to create truly useful, fully-custom modules and developments that they readily offer to the community, such as:
- Advanced Email Configurator: Innovative solution to set up a user-specific mailbox with their own credentials to better manage emails.

- Web2Print: Vector-based designer for the printing industry.

- RFID Integration: RFID-based inventory management.
- Industrial IIOT - IOT Cloud solution for different manufacturing industries.
- Advanced inventory and warehouse management (managing multi-channel inventory & multiple warehouse integration/automation).

- AI-Enabled ERP System to make the smartest decision.

- Monitor multi-sales channels, via a single dashboard.

- Multiple POS Integration.

- Marketing Automation and Auto Inventory management.

As you can see, there’s really nothing Silent Infotech can’t do! 

That’s why more and more businesses are flocking to Silent Infotech to handle all of their business solution implementations. 

The Implementation Process

When it comes to solution implementations, the brilliant minds at Silent Infotech spend the initial hours of a project with the client’s team to learn every minute, intricate detail about their internal processes and workflow. 

During this early stage, the expert Silent Infotech "Solution Architects" (Functional + Technical Solution Architects) perform an in-depth Gap analysis, along with some detailed Requirement Engineering, to prepare the best "Solution Roadmap" possible. Doing so, ensures that the client can fully understand (and mitigate) future challenges right from the very start of the entire process.

As a best practice, before the Silent Infotech team starts any implementation project, they use this collaborative roadmap planning procedure with the client to help define the specific MVPs related to the implementation, along with expected dates of completion. 

They provide these estimated dates for each MVP product/feature to clients, so they are fully aware of Silent Infotech’s plan, and can keep track of the various implementations along the way, ensuring that everything is completed on time, without any issues.

Generally speaking, a typical ERP implementation takes between 3-4 months for small-to-medium sized companies. Although, while that may be the average timeline, the hardworking people at Silent Infotech are known for their lightning quick implementations and amazing user training. 

So, even if an unforeseen issue arises, the phenomenal folks at Silent Infotech have the knowledge, skills, experience, and expertise to handle anything that may come their way.

“I'm very happy to be part of SIT Solutions. The most exciting part of this company is not just the work environment, which I believe is outstanding, but also the chance to explore new things and achieve results in different areas. SIT has been supportive and flexible for me, which greatly contributes to my learning experience and makes me a better contributor.”
- Delivery Head

For instance, one of their clients in the seafood industry was facing a unique series of challenges. They were having problems with the management of harvest product information, and found it difficult to maintain the freshness of the seafood they kept on-hand. 

When they first met with Silent Infotech, they didn’t have any tracking system for their food crates, which made managing their entire business nearly impossible.

However, per the usual routine, the team at Silent Infotech conducted a detailed review of their existing issues, and accurately identified all of their pain points right away. Armed with that new information, they were able to design a custom solution to manage the freshness of their seafood, and provided them with real-time alerts related to their inventory. 

And they were able to facilitate all of this with the help of Odoo’s amazing software, and an AI-based supply chain management system, which directly involved the use of modern IoT devices. With all that in place, they were able to quickly (and efficiently) eliminate all their previously-frustrating pain points, and helped their business get back on track in no time at all!

Odoo Benefits

But that’s just one of the many examples of how Odoo and Silent Infotech have helped companies avoid problems and excel towards lasting success. 

In addition to its intuitive interface and open-source functionality, Silent Infotech enjoys partnering with Odoo because of the consistently reliable support they get from Odoo account managers. Not only that, but Silent Infotech also believes that the combination of “Odoo + IoT + RFID” is what really sets them apart in the industry. 

Seeing as how they mainly focus on large implementations in the manufacturing sector, those aforementioned integrations help the Silent Infotech team create micro-automations throughout different processes, which, in turn, help their clients grow and scale their business in creative new ways.

And, just to reiterate, the overwhelming success of Silent Infotech is a direct reflection of their tremendous team. In consort with their employees' deep knowledge (and familiarity) with Odoo since its inception, their stakeholders sport an impressive history of working in the following areas of expertise: Information Security, Blockchain, Complex Enterprise solutions, and so much more!

The fantastic team at Silent Infotech also has a wealth of experience working with Nextcloud, Zimbra, and Magento. They also offer other software (and services) related to Blockchain solutions, IIoT Solutions, Hosting Solutions, Web and Mobile App Development, and much, much more.

In summation, Silent Infotech is one of those incredibly rare partners in the illustrious Odoo community that can fully revamp Odoo from its core architecture to create massive, totally customized, horizontally-scalable solutions for any company - regardless of size, budget, or industry.

About Silent Infotech Inc.

Silent Infotech Inc. is an Odoo Gold Partner, with offices and clients all over the world.

Silent Infotech Inc. focuses on (but is not limited to) the following industries: Telecom SME in EU/USA, Printing & Web to Print, Seafood Processor, Drone/UAV Manufacturing & Drone Services Providers, Event Management, and eLearning for Coaching organizations. 

Silent Infotech has been able to provide useful business elements, such as: Warehouse Management (Rack-Level Tracking), Manufacturing with Custom QC (and Multi-Level BoM), Customized PoS, eCommerce (with Custom Automation), and so much more!

Learn more at SilentInfotech.com.

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