How Elneo grew their industrial business with Odoo

Elneo is a company that specializes in sales and installation of industrial products, mainly compressors, pneumatic accessories and instruments.

We talked to Mathieu Bouhy, Marketing & IT Manager of Elneo about how Odoo helped them to grow their business.


We choose Odoo for its simplicity: working with it feels comfortable working because it's easy to use and the design is clean.  We also use Odoo because configuring it is effortless. Transferring and adapting all of our specs into the core software is uncomplicated. And finally, there's the open source part. We don't rely on just one partner, we can call on different ones, which is very convenient when you're running a business. 

We use Odoo in nearly every aspect of running our business - CRM, warehouse management, all the administration connected to sales and purchasing and all the maintenance.

- Mathieu Bouhy, Marketing & IT Manager, Elneo

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