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Golden Square Technology
Golden Square Technology BT/İletişim
A member of Golden Square Group, was established in 2016 to work in ICT sector to provide the best solutions and services in network design, data centers, electronic payment solutions , Control systems, and telecommunications networks. Golden Square Technology is committed to quality, standards and commitment to corporate excellence.
IntelliSoft Software
IntelliSoft Software BT/İletişim
IntelliSoft Software was established in August 2015 governed by Sudanese laws. The business name is owned by Intelligent Technology Co. Ltd.

We have always set out to be different and thus stand out from the crowd. This comes by way of providing quality software solutions that never seize to delight our customers. All of our solutions are based on Odoo and we are currently covering the following market segments: trading companies, service companies, factories, colleges and universities.

We have a strong reputation due to our highly trained and competent staff, diverse skill set and valuation of time, where it is always our goal to deliver on time and at the agreed cost while meeting requirements. This has been made possible by following proven project and software management methodologies. We also value our customers and have a very transparent and well maintained relationship with them, thus avoiding the "read the fine print" policy!