GBR’s Great Leap: A Technological Evolution with Odoo

Global Business and Research

Company Name:Global Business and Research
Country: Egypt
Industry: Trading and Distribution
Main Apps: Purchase, Accounting, Inventory, Invoicing, Studio, Sales, Time-Off, Payroll, Attendance, Expenses
Number of Odoo Users: 9
Odoo Customer Success Manager: Mohammed Elsawi
Odoo Implementing Consultants: Issa Mousa, Ihsan Abu Al-Huda

GBR International is a leading distributor of phones, tablets, and phone components in Egypt. Specializing in B2B channels, GBR not only sells these devices but also provides a repair service backed by solid warranty conditions. Having carved out a niche in the market, the company found itself facing operational challenges that needed a robust, integrated solution. This is where Odoo stepped in.

Pain Point: Streamlining Procurement to Payment Workflow

GBR's operation model involves minimal to no stock keeping. As such, they place orders based on customer needs, source components for repairs and distribution internationally, and manage long lead times from their local manufacturer. Further, as all phones/tablets are serialized for warranty purposes, tracking was crucial. Payment plans, shipping costs, bills and payments were also aspects that needed a system in place.

Odoo Solution: Master Data Centralization & Intelligent Tracking

To overcome these challenges, GBR employed Odoo's applications such as Purchase, Accounting, Inventory, Invoicing, and Studio. Phones and components were configured as unique products, and master data for products, contacts, and CoA were imported for easy access. Serialization tracking for products and landed costs were activated, creating a smooth and efficient workflow. Payment plans were crafted with vendors and bills were issued accordingly. The result? A well-tracked PO system and centralized data center, making procurement to payment a breeze.

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Pain Point: B2B Sales and Repair Workflow

GBR's business model also includes B2B sales and repair services. They faced challenges in managing preset quotations, confirmation processes, payment terms, warranty agreements, and tracking receivables. They also provided consignment services and needed to invoice retail shops based on their usage of components.

Odoo Solution: Automated Sales, Invoicing & Repair Services

GBR took advantage of Odoo's Sales, Invoicing, Accounting, Inventory, and Studio applications. They created quotation templates, configured invoicing policies, and activated MTO route for PO creation. The consignment workflow was set up, and a system for tracking salespeople's performance was implemented. All these streamlined their B2B sales, made payment collections easier, and provided a seamless repair workflow.

Pain Point: HR Management

On the HR front, tracking employee time-offs, calculating payroll, managing loans and benefits, and handling employee expense reimbursements were all areas that needed improvement.

Odoo Solution: Efficient HR Operations

Odoo's Time-Off, Payroll, Attendance, Accounting, and Expenses apps helped GBR efficiently manage their HR tasks. Time-off types were created, contracts were imported, allowances were added, and salary structures were adjusted. An easy-to-use platform was provided to employees for leave applications and expense reimbursements. As a result, HR tasks became easier, transparent, and automated.

By implementing Odoo’s comprehensive suite of applications, GBR International successfully transformed its operations. They managed to streamline workflows, centralize data, automate processes, and improve tracking and performance metrics. Through this journey, GBR and Odoo demonstrated how the right tools can significantly boost business efficiency and productivity. GBR is now positioned to confidently tackle the future, armed with the power of Odoo.

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