Ventus Wireless, llc

Ventus Wireless, llc

 About Ventus Wireless:

Ventus is a global wireless and fixed-line connectivity, hardware, and software company delivering customer-centric innovation that leverages technology to produce market-driving solutions. Serving the world’s largest companies, its business divisions often overlap to meet a wide range of enterprise IT and networking needs.

• Under the current architecture of Ventus’s CRM system and the number of disparate applications used to deliver projects to their customers, Ventus no longer has the flexibility it needs to provide world class solutions to its customers. The executive management team feels that under the current system it is difficult to adapt their business model to the rapidly changing needs and trends of their industry.
• Ventus contracts and addendums are complex and difficult to track and maintain.
• Business processes are rigid and difficult to analyze and report on. There is no comprehensive “Dashboard” that gives an immediate picture of the status of each functional area within the business
• There is very little automation and integration throughout the system. This is nowhere more prevalent than in the accounting workflows. Billable activities are challenging to track and invoicing is cumbersome. If there is a change to the services provided to the client, the customer profile, contract, and invoicing all have to be manually updated in multiple applications. • Many systems are used to support business processes, resulting in duplicate and/or outdated information and inefficiencies.
• Traceability is required across various business documents from purchases to sales to support and invoicing.
• The manufacturing process is slow due to compulsory testing requirements and needs modernizing.
• The management of projects is cumbersome and not efficient.

Proposed ERP Solutions:

 • Smoother operations and flexibility to meet future growth.
• Digital document signing through e-signatures.
• Better way to manage Customer Contracts and MSA with revisions.
• Developing easier automated way of creating Invoice with more accuracy.
• Integrated system with all the operations like Sales, Purchase and Manufacturing etc.
• Providing Ecommerce Portal where customer can buy products and check other details like Billing Information, Shipping Information etc.
• Audit trailing to maintain traceability.

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