Mega Odoo Solution to Kokkok Mega Mart in Laos

Company Name: Kokkok Mega Mart

Location: Laos

Industry: Consumer Goods

Company Size: 277

No. of Odoo Users: 37
Partner Name: Laooddoo Co., Ltd. (

Hosting Type: On-Premise

Apps Implemented: Social Marketing, Approvals, IoT, Documents, Marketing Automation, Appointments, Studio, Sign, Time Off, Events, Expenses, Email Marketing, Purchase, Manufacturing, Inventory, Accounting, PoS, Sales, Invoicing, Online Jobs, Barcode, Discuss, Employee Contracts, CRM

Kokkok Mega Mart offers 20,000 products of food & beverages and everyday necessities to Laos in over 20 branches and also on the Kokkok M Application online.  

The Digital Revolution

Without experience with business management systems, the Mart decided to go for Odoo for its easy accessibility. Clean and intuitive, the easy-to-navigate interface allows the different teams at the retail store to pick up the new system immediately. Coming in with a unique requirement to integrate its Odoo system with Kokkok Pay and other third-party systems, Kokkok Mega Mart also found Odoo ideal for its modularity. 

The supermarket chain decided to collaborate with our local Odoo Partner, Laooddoo, to customize the system to answer every one of their needs. 

A Modern Business Solution

Kokkok Mega Mart connects Odoo POS with the Sales, Inventory, and Manufacturing modules. 

At the cashiers, staff can register the products sold on Odoo POS by scanning the unique item code or searching within the cleanly structured categories at the till. The Odoo system will simultaneously record the sales on two different modules on the backend: while managers keep track of every sale on Odoo Sales, the stock team gets a real-time update on the stock level on Odoo Inventory to arrange necessary restocks and purchases.

The team also utilizes Odoo Manufacturing to optimize revenue with its business strategy. Instead of sending flawed products into the waste, the mega mart would repackage them and update them with a revised barcode assigned by the Manufacturing app, maximizing profits.

All of these sales records are then registered on Odoo Accounting, where the finance team can constantly keep track of the supermarket chain's performance in real time via a series of intuitive business reports and different charts of accounts.

Top-Notch Supply Chain and Logistic Management

Tailoring its internal system with a couple of customized features, the Kokkok team also appreciates Odoo's seamless customer support and the service provided by our local partner, Laooddoo. 

To ensure operations in the different branches are endorsed by first-class SCM (supply chain management) and LM (logistic management), the chained mart customizes its Odoo system with an automatic safety stock function developed in the Inventory app. This feature automatically reserves backup batches of products to ensure stock is always available in-store. As always, the Inventory app triggers a notification to alert the warehouse team and purchase managers when the stock hits the preset level. 

The all-inclusive supermarket also customized its Odoo system with API (application programming interface) integration to link KOKKOK Pay, a payment option designed in-house, with Odoo Accounting and the banking system. 

100% Efficiency

After exploring different ERPs, Kokkok Mega Mart found Odoo and settled down. Scalable with an intuitive design, the Odoo system supports everyone on the team with an app that's easy to pick up while facilitating data centralization, whether it's finance, sales, or inventory. 

Our systems are now 100% complete and fully functional. The result is highly efficient, convenient, and extremely reliable.

BoumOm Phimsipasom • Head of IT Department

Kokkok Mega Mart

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