Les Jeux de Loïc Proves Odoo’s Simplicity & Ease of Use

Country: France
Industry: Retail Industry
Apps Implemented: CRM, Sales, Purchase, Inventory, Accounting, Point of Sales
Number of Users: 2 Users
Implementation Time: 3 Months + 30 Hours with a Consultant

In a small town in France, Loïc Takorian made the decision to change careers and follow his dreams by creating a universe he admired - his own universe of fun and games. His store, Les Jeux de Loïc, sells board games and toys appealing to both children and adults alike, as well as offering some specialized services. Whether it’s just to have a look around, to sit down and enjoy playing a board game, or to shop for products, Loïc and his wife make sure that their customers have a unique in-store experience.


Playing a Losing Game with an Excel-Based System

Les Jeux de Loïc first opened its doors to the people of Bellegarde-sur-Valserine in 2014. The store was founded and run by Loïc Takorian and his wife, who from the beginning have been very enthusiastic and dedicated to running their business as efficiently as possible. With Loïc being a self learner and an entrepreneur, and his wife being an accountant, they made a great team for running a small business. However, they found that there were some aspects that could still be improved such as:

  • All their inventory was registered and logged using Excel spreadsheets, which meant that it had to be revised every day and updated in order to make sure that stock levels remained sufficient.

  • They didn’t have a proper system to handle the game rental side of their business, which made it difficult to keep track of which games were out for rental and which were not.

  • They have a loyalty program in place, which was a nuisance to handle and keep up to date manually. They kept the customer forms in a box which they needed to sort through every time a customer with a loyalty card made a purchase.

  • It was time consuming to search whether a specific game or toy was available or in-stock, as everything was managed with separate Excel spreadsheets without integration.


A Power Couple in Need of a Power Solution

The business was going well and the business minded couple decided it was time to get rid of the Excel spreadsheet system and look for a better solution. Once they came across Odoo they found the solution to be very intuitive and they quickly got involved in the system and its functions. Being motivated learners they were already quite familiar and capable of working with Odoo before receiving any assistance from an Odoo consultant. With their type of mentality and Odoo’s user friendly interface, the implementation process was very easy. They had already managed to import all the data they needed to Odoo on their own, and they’d done most of the configuration as well. They implemented their apps in two phases, starting with Odoo CRM, Purchase, Inventory, Point of Sale (POS), and then they implemented Odoo Accounting separately.

  • With Odoo POS the loyalty program system became simple. The customer form is selected directly from the POS interface and the purchase is logged providing one loyalty point. After receiving 10 points, a 10% discount is automatically applied to the purchase on the POS.

  • With Odoo Inventory they improved the rental process setup. They now sell a service called “renting”, set the return date in Odoo Inventory and validate the transfer. It’s then possible to filter for the scheduled date to see which products are out for rent.

  • Odoo POS provides them with a live update of the stock on hand, so they don’t have to take inventory on a frequent basis and the products needed are reordered according to the system.

  • They implemented Odoo Accounting separately in less than a total of 9 hours with an Odoo consultant. Now they manage their store using French accounting standards without any customization to the application.


Good Teamwork Pays Off

The owners of the Les Jeux de Loïc are happy Odoo users who were convinced from the start that Odoo was the right solution for them. As soon as they decided to implement Odoo, they already committed themselves to a three year contract straight from the get-go. Since they became Odoo users in 2015, they’ve used it to manage all their activities and have done so without encountering any bumps in the road. Les Jeux de Loïc are a perfect example of how enthusiasm and good collaboration can result in an easy, quick and effective implementation.

Are you looking to modernize your business? Become an Odoo user and you could be our next success story!

About Les Jeux de Loïc: 

The specialty store, Les Jeux de Loïc, was founded in 2014, and has now become a very well-known store amongst locals in the area. The founder, Loïc Takorian, is an entrepreneur who loves fun and games, and he realized that it would be great to make that a part of his full-time job. He had previously been working in the environmental protection sector, but after a while he felt the need to venture out on his own, to do something different and to be independent. His choice to open up a game and toy store was due to his love of games and human interaction, combined with the fact that no such store existed in the Bellegarde area.

The game and toy store is targeted towards people of all ages, with products that are meant to appeal to anyone from birth to adulthood. The store sells various types of toys and games, but Loïc’s real passion is rare board games and old school games, such as games made out of wood. For those who are not yet ready to purchase a game, Les Jeux de Loïc allows you to try the games for free in the store, as well as rent the games out for a small fee. Additionally, they offer customized services to organization and companies, such as educational services and learning experiences, and corporate services for employee incentives or charity. The bottom line is, that Les Jeux de Loïc, is flexible and open minded, and ready to make dreams come true.

More info on: http://www.lesjeuxdeloic.com/

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