Consolidating 24 Databases Into 5: Odoo Assists Papua New Guinea NGO Nazarene Hospital To Provide Excellent Healthcare Services

Company Name: Nazarene Health Ministries
Location: Papua New Guinea
Industry: Non-profit
Company Size: 300
No. of Odoo Users: 13
Hosting Type: On-Premise
Apps Implemented: Employees, Time Off, Purchase, Inventory, Accounting, Invoicing, Discuss, Payroll, Employee Contracts, Calendar 

Established in 1967, the Nazarene Hospital at Kudjip has been providing healthcare, education, and clean water supply in the country, as well as management, staffing, and maintenance for other rural clinics in Papua New Guinea. 

The hospital under Nazarene Health Ministries hosts 300 staff, including approximately 200 healthcare workers and 100 other maintenance, security, and office staff. With the breadth of service and a large scale of operations, the NGO needed full-featured business management software that is flexible and supportive of customizations.

Healing & Feeding The Masses Without Odoo

Relying mainly on support from the government, donations, and a few patient fees, the Nazarene Hospital operates under limited resources. This places a significant workload on its combined local and expatriate team. There were two main challenges the management team experienced due to the scarce funding: finance and people management.

Besides the daily operations of the hospital, the administration team at Kudjip has to coordinate the leaves and payroll for the team of 300 in Papua New Guinea. 

Another significant challenge is managing the hospital's finances. Managing the hundreds-strong team with 24 Quickbooks databases, each for a specific purpose or section of the hospital, the backend team had to manually enter and cross-check and operate all payments in the correct database. 

Adding to this challenge are PNG's regulations and cultural expectations that had further increased the complexity of financial operations. Time-consuming and disorganized, the extra workload added unnecessary pressure to the already limited resources on the operational end. 

Odoo's Simple Solution to the Complex Challenges

Odoo has helped us to continue providing excellent healthcare in the Highlands of PNG by simplifying and streamlining our financial and payroll processes.

Lukas Woltjer • Director of Corporate Services and Development at Nazarene Mission Services

The Nazarene Hospital started implementing Odoo in 2019 for the flexibility in customizations and sustainability to scale. Today, the organization has streamlined operations in managing its finance, human resources, and inventory while enjoying the convenience of Odoo's web-based services and data security for hosting its system on-premise at the same time.

Time-Off Automation

With the Odoo Time Off app designed specifically for organizations like the Nazarene Hospital, managers can now track and approve all leaves taken by each member within one window, either on-field or remotely.

By viewing all planned leaves of every team member with the calendar view, managers at the hospital can also efficiently plan daily roster to maintain the hospital's day-to-day operations and upkeep the doctor-patient ratio.

Saving Two Days on Payroll and Finance Management

On Odoo, the operation team configures a bi-weekly payroll process to comply with the region's regulations while serving the organization's unique financial situation.

The NGO now experiences a much-streamlined payroll process with Odoo Payroll and Accounting. Using the power of payroll rules, Odoo Payroll takes the hours and shifts worked by staff and automates all journal entries on Odoo Accounting, allowing the hospital's finance team to save two whole days on manually cross-checking each employee's payslip with the time cards, holidays taken, and other benefits/deductions applied, boosting efficiency.

The new Odoo system also offers the PNG hospital the flexibility to adjust payroll deductions month-to-month while easily incorporating tax law changes to all staff's payroll from there onward. 

Consolidating the 24 Quickbooks databases into 5 in Odoo, the Nazarene Hospital dubbed Odoo's bi-weekly payroll process the "biggest timer-saver."

Data Security Optimization With The Web-Based Odoo

Having a web-based software that multiple people can work on/access simultaneously is a tremendous benefit to us. Setup of new Odoo user accounts is easy, and our staff just need a basic computer with a web browser to use Odoo.

Lukas Woltjer • Director of Corporate Services and Development at Nazarene Mission Services

The Nazarene Hospital also enjoys the system's web-based nature that answers to its staff’s diverse range of computer skills and the organization's diverse computing devices.

Among all teams, the directors and managers are benefitting the most from this feature. With customizable access rights, decision-makers at the NGOs make use of Odoo's analytic accounts to keep constant and accurate track of costs and revenues to help them make better business decisions. 

Following the breadcrumbs, end users can also trace back to the person responsible for each entry, which is extremely helpful when it comes to reconciling journal entries, as well as all unclear invoices and vendor bills.

Given the geographical restrictions on the highlands of PNG, the Nazarene Hospital decided to host its Odoo system on-premise to safeguard its data and reducing the reliance on unreliable internet connections while enjoying full control of the databases and the liberty to customize their own apps.

Advancing Services With Odoo

Enjoying a seamless and efficient workflow with Odoo, the Nazarene Hospital has also started moving more scopes of its business onto the system: the Odoo Inventory, Purchase, and Maintenance apps for upkeeping the running of the many costly medical equipment. 

Overall, Odoo enabled the Nazarene Hospital to provide excellent healthcare while improving efficiency and control.

Nazarene Health Ministries Kudjip Nazarene Hospital

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