Al Jedad Trading Co.

Odoo, A Solution That Caters to All Their Industries.

Location: Doha, Qatar

Industry: F&B, Manufacturing, and Services & Printing  

Partner name: NextMove Business Solutions 

Main Apps implemented: Accounting, Inventory, Sales, Purchase, CRM, Manufacturing, Subscription, Projects, Website

Size of the company: 180+

About Al Jedad Trading Co.
Founded over 15 years ago, Al Jedad Trading Co. is one of the most well known and well established companies in Qatar. The company owns and manages several food and beverage brands and education concepts. They are the backbone of all their subsidiaries and they specialize in fields such as PR, branding, fabrication, production, delivery services, IT solutions, and research consultancy.

All of their brands are locally born in Doha, Qatar with specialized teams who are experienced within the field. For more than 15 years in the market, the organization has established a reputation of being a respectable, professional, and renowned company in the market. Their constant growth and development in the business has proven the importance of being part of the dynamic market change and the progress with emerging trends and styles of work.

A Large, Complicated Web of Data.

For many, having several companies in the same industry, will oftentimes build up stress, result in multiple mix ups and constant disorganization in financial data.

Al Jedad is the mother company for many, however, they are each operating in a different industry. From food and beverage, printing, manufacturing, and other services, they were all built in their own unique way without any integration between them. Unlinked subsidiaries and decentralized data was a root cause of many of the difficult problems Al Jedad was going through. 

Al Jedad firmly believes that being a strong holding company depends on having strong management and reporting skills. Keeping up to date, accurate and informative reports allows holding organizations the resources to make good management decisions. Al Jedad was striving to be able to achieve that goal, but felt like their efforts were insufficient. Without any automation or link between their subsidiaries, they were unable to keep track of all of their company’s costs, revenue and inventory levels. Despite all of their hard work, they would often find themselves dealing with chaotic outcomes such as making drastic mistakes based on misinformation. 

Superiors at Al Jedad lacked an understanding of how their company was doing, due to their inability to see the big picture. Decentralization and the lack of integration made cross-operational visibility very difficult. The situation was not only difficult for decision makers, but also employees who had to resort to inefficient ways of retrieving information they may need. Instead of being able to find data within seconds regardless of their location or device used, employees must rely on a select few individuals with heavy responsibilities who would need days to respond to their constantly flooded emails. In other words, data accessibility was severely limited.

A Positive Image Change

After careful consideration, the Al Jedad concluded that they need an ERP software with the following requirements:

  1. Offers an integrated, multi-company option

  2. To be accessible from all locations and devices

  3. Relieves employees from tedious manual labour

  4. Caters to each one of the industries they operate in

  5. Customizable and cost efficient

Odoo is one of the rare ERP softwares that is capable of fulfilling each one of Al Jedad’s requirements without any alterations; and so the implementation began. The company opted for the Odoo Accounting, Inventory, Sales, Purchase, CRM, Manufacturing, Subscription, Projects, and Website modules. Armed with our software, Al Jedad was finally able to start making decisions which pave the way for robust company growth.

Al Jedad has seen significant changes in the company operations, in their employees and in their management. Because of the digitization and the automation of their records, employees no longer need to waste hours doing manual labor. This has led to an increase in the efficiency of the company’s operations and an increase in personal KPI achievements.

With controlled access rights, management can now decide who is able to view, edit or share information and reports. Employees feel more comfortable and motivated to work knowing that they have an increased level of knowledge about the company and their job within it. Al Jedad has reported things moving along at a much faster rate, because of the sped up approval process. 

Perhaps the most valuable change Odoo had on Al Jedad was that it has led to a positive image change for the company. Since using our software, Al Jedad has been producing figures regarding the specific costs of every project. “These forecasts have proven themselves to be over 98% accurate.” In addition to this, their company process is smoother, more organized and more efficient. To all of the partners and customers of the company, Al Jedad is currently being viewed as a more professional company with much higher potential for growth.

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