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Al Qudaibi
Al Qudaibi 기타 서비스
Sulaiman Ahmed Alqudaibi & Sons Group is one of the leading Kuwaiti Industrial and commercial groups. It was founded by the late Sulaiman Ahmed Alqudaibi in 1954. A man with an inspirational mission and vision for the business.

Each of the group companies is essential in the services and products it offers.

Ever since its establishment in 1954, it has grown and expanded to supply and serve not only the Kuwaiti market but also its neighboring countries.

We are implementing Odoo to handle: Projects, Accounting, Inventory, Manufacturing, Sales, Purchase, CRM, Approvals, Leaves/Time Off, Documents and Consolidation.
Al Rawdatain
Al Rawdatain 기타 서비스
Al Rawdatain Water Bottling Co.KSC (Closed) was founded in November 1980 for the development, execution, and management of the production, bottling and marketing of Al Rawdatain water.

All the construction and installation works were completed towards the end of 1982 and production and marketing of the (Al Rawdatain Natural Mineral Water) began by early 1983. In the course of the next few years several new products were added, such as (0.5 l bottles), sealed mineral water cups, fluoride-added water, carbonated water, five gallon bottles .. etc.

An efficient distribution system supplies the local market such as co-operative societies, private supermarkets, groceries, hotels, restaurants etc. Certain quantities are exported as well.

The five gallon bottles are delivered right to the customer. Also a showroom has been opened to display and market various water related products such as dispensers (hot and cold) of various designs for the five gallon bottle, high quality water pipes of polypropylene and stainless steel.

Al-Moallem Markers Group
Al-Moallem Markers Group 기타 서비스
Al-Moallem has many outlets in Kuwait and all are targeted to a family-oriented shopping atmosphere. As a home/hardware store, Al-Moallem build their reputation in the market through the customer service, wide and superior range of product availability, highly competitive prices and comprehensive exchange policy.

Each store has many departments, starting from * Hospitality * Houseware & Cleaning * Appliances * Linen & Bathroom Accessories * Stationary, Party goods & Toys * Textiles & Luggage.

Al-Moallem strives to be the first choice for their customers and its concept is everything under one roof.
AlManie Holding Group Company
AlManie Holding Group Company 기타 서비스
Almanie Group has operated in a truly diverse range of sectors since its founding in 1968, including real estate and facility management, construction equipment and consultancy, agriculture, contracting, retail and fashion, interior design, furniture manufacturing, distribution, manpower, and FMCG, with the goal of becoming one of the region's most illustrious businesses. Since then, the company has grown thanks to a skilled and dedicated workforce of over 700 workers, who have helped it maintain its commitment to recognize and address client needs, build an entrepreneurial culture, and—most importantly—commit to sustaining standards of professional excellence.

The Almanie Group is a multinational company with operations in numerous industries around the globe. The Kuwait Protocol implemented Odoo 15.0+e-20211026 (Enterprise Edition), which helped its subsidiaries, Equip General Trading & Contracting CO, Cemix Readymix Co, and Containers-ME, operate more efficiently.

Equip General Trading & Contracting CO are specialized in the sale and rental of heavy equipment. Their products include everything from prefabricated homes to lifting and earth-moving machinery and power generators. With the aid of its Liebherr factory in Sulaibiya, Kuwait.

Cemix Readymix Co. specialises in creating ready-mixed concrete. In order to meet the rising market demands, the company has since opened a second facility on its property. The goals of CEMIX include offering top-notch ready-mix to numerous projects across the nation, from large-scale housing developments to high-rise structures.

Containers - ME Specializes in providing mobile solutions in the form of containers.

With several features and functionalities added specifically to meet Almanie Group's objectives, we created a customer-centered CRM module.

They were able to handle numerous sales teams, their leads, opportunities, sale quotations, and meeting schedules by consolidating them using the CRM system's connection. For their convenience, we created a user-based bespoke dashboard. To further secure the security of the data, we added more security measures.
Bahman Group
Bahman Group 기타 서비스
Bahman Group was formed in the 1950's heralding the golden Era of Kuwait and under the able guidance of Mr. Abdul Hussain Haji Bahman.

Spanning more than six decades, the Bahman Group of Companies stands tall as one of the pioneers in the Kuwait market in the field of General Trading and Finance.

The Company diversified into many fields of Activity such as Import & Supply of High-Quality Steel, Sanitary Wares, Hardware’s, Medical Equipment, Civil Construction, Electro-Mechanical Contracting, Foodstuff Et Beverages, Travel & Tourism, all the while strengthening its core base which is in investments, real estate, Trading, and logistics.

the group also has its subsidiary offices in Dubai, India, Romania, UK., the USA, Germany, Japan, and China.
Design Destination
Design Destination 기타 서비스
Design Destination company's scope of work is focused on interior designs and works. It acts as a single station that gathers up all the items needed for interior decorations and furniture. Its Operations contains all Design, Execution, and Furniture works with the highest quality through cooperating with the top factories and contractors in the country to provide the best products and services fulfilling its clients' needs and requirements.
DezineKWT 기타 서비스
De Zine Group which was founded in 1998, has rapidly and successfully grown into a leading and well-reputed business name in Kuwait .

DeZine Group specialized in :
Interior Design
Office Furniture
Huetech 기타 서비스

HUETECH is the leader in LED technology in the Middle East. We help clients from all industries to install impressive and high-performance LED screens that suit the environment perfectly.

Our team will advise you and your team about all the options for your space, whether indoor or outdoor. HUETECH products range from the classic billboard and totems to transparent, flexible and foldable displays. With year-long expertise in the industry, our team can guide you through all the technical details, and questions and see through the process from concept to installation and maintenance.

Istikanti 기타 서비스
We are glassware company that makes our own design and deliver the highest quality products to our customer.

Our main goal is to implement our design in unique Kuwaiti taste.

Our company was established in 2015 and operational for almost a five years now, focusing and building loyal customers in Kuwait and council (GCC).
Mabarrat Kafel
Mabarrat Kafel 기타 서비스
Committee for Orphans Care is a non-profit organization that supports and assists children with various programs and services.
Pet Barn Kuwait
Pet Barn Kuwait 기타 서비스
Is a Pet House that brings your per’s dreamlife to come to reality, We established in 2018, Pet Barn is an independent pet shop based in Kuwait of where we offer an impressive range of pet supplies and diverse products and services for your lovely pet.


We are always exploring a trailblazing pet care standard, delivering comprehensive wellness service through our team that is trained in pet care and passionate enough to ensure that your four legs companion enjoys every moment.


Is to spread knowledge about pets’ importance in our lives and to create a community that deepens and reinforces the bond between you and your pet.


We believe that every pet is unique. However, their connection with our guests is our priority.

We understand the bond that you share with your pet and we want to be part of making this bond stronger.
Pro Painters
Pro Painters 기타 서비스
Pro Painters is a painting company that provides Innovative paint & decorative coating solutions. It was founded to meet Kuwait's growing need for high-quality residential and commercial painting. They offer flexibility, diversity, and versatility in colours and cultural expression through textures and artworks, ensuring that the client's spaces are personal and are catered to represent their individuality. With a diverse range of brands and carefully hand-picked exclusive tools and accessories, Pro Painters ensure each artwork is unique, even if it is the same design.
عطورات العبدالمحسن
عطورات العبدالمحسن 기타 서비스
نبذة عن الشركة
تحظى شركة عطورات العبدالمحسن بمكانة رائدة في تجارة وانتاج العطور في دولة الكويت ، ولقد نالت الشركة مكانتها في المنطقة من خلال تواجدها لمدة تصل لسبعة عقود في مجال صناعة و تجزئة العطور وخشب العود ومستحضرات التجميل طبقا لأعلى معايير الجودة، حيث تمنح الشركة لعملائها علامة تجارية متميزة بالجودة والإبداع.
Al Abdulmohsin perfumes is a reputable eastern perfume retail company in Kuwait that has gained prominence in the region with its seven decades of existence in the Arabic fragrance industry,
concocting scents and cosmetics of the highest standard and quality, giving its costumers the distinct trademark of excellence.