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Alfaisaly FC
Alfaisaly FC 건강/사회

Haram Youth Club founded in 1374 AH.

Al-Faisaly Club with the name (Harmah Youth Club), headed by Sheikh Ibrahim bin Nasser Al-Medlej and a group of young people who were distinguished by activity and perseverance, as there were festivals and celebrations in which everyone participated.
Bayouni Trading Co. ltd.
Bayouni Trading Co. ltd. 건강/사회
Over the past thirty years, the healthcare and laboratory industry has undergone significant changes as well as consumer expectations, and Bayouni Trading Company (BTC) was able to attain market leadership in providing Lab technology and solutions in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

BTC has been able to support public and private sectors including various institutions in the industrial, medical, and other industries in the country as well as the Saudi Arabian government in its many projects. Unlike its other competitors in the same industry, BTC is revitalizing itself to adapt to the changing economic and political situation in the country while continuously probe the market to (or “intending to”) maintaining its current leadership and to promote itself to distinguished as an advanced and innovative company in its sector.

For this to happen, BTC is planning to achieve a 10% increment to the company’s overall growth. It aims to increase its sales significantly from 7% to up to 10% based on its previous sales performance.

To strengthen the company from the inside the management will also review and adjust its internal policies as well as provide new guidelines that will refit the overall performance of the enterprise. Likewise, a stronger external support has become larger than necessary, and BTC will continue to strengthen its cooperation with its trading partners mainly MERCK/SIGMA.
Form Pilates Studio
Form Pilates Studio 건강/사회
FORM is a studio founded by Jude Attar. A certified trainer in Classical Pilates, Training, and Pilates Suspension Method.
Health Endowment Fund
Health Endowment Fund 건강/사회
An independent Saudi civil fund headed by His Excellency the Minister of Health, established by Cabinet Resolution 1440, aims to involve the community in achieving sustainable health development.
High Hopes Trading Company
High Hopes Trading Company 건강/사회
High Hopes Medical is a premier surgical and medical equipment supplier that provides a combination of new and professionally refurbished equipment to medical professionals around the globe. We offer value to doctors by providing the features and reliability they need while still fitting within their budget.

High Hopes CO. is working in the field of hospital supplies and medical care and the devices of home care and supplies ambulance and medical disposable. Headmaster in Jeddah and has branch in Riyadh and has distributors in all across the Kingdom of Saudia Arabia.
Lana Medical Co.
Lana Medical Co. 건강/사회
Lana Medical Company is one of the fastest growing Multinational integrated Healthcare supplier companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and in the United Arab Emirates, our international expansion plans include rapid expansion to other parts of the MENA Region as the demand for our Quality products grows

We supply Equipment & Machines for all Hospitals, Clinics, Dental, Cosmetic and Medical Centers in the Middle Eastern market. Lana Medical Company has partnered with Manufacturers in USA, Korean, Canada, and German to produce Customized and licensed healthcare equipment and Machines which are enhanced and compliant with all the local regulations.

Lana Medical Company is reputed and known globally its ethical services, for all clients be it a small clinic to multi-specialty hospitals supplying Medical Equipment, Instruments, Disposables and Pharmaceuticals in the healthcare segment.

Noor Diagnostics and Discovery CO.
Noor Diagnostics and Discovery CO. 건강/사회

Noor Dx’s core area of expertise, Noor DX's goal is to use individual genomic information to screen, diagnose and empower clinicians and patients to make effective and personalized health care decisions in treatment and prognosis, primarily in the following specialties: Oncology, pharmacology/companion diagnostics, pediatric inherited disorders, prenatal genetics, and Infectious diseases

Key Services provided by NoorDx, will include Whole Genome Sequencing (WGS), Whole Exome Sequencing (WES), Targeted Gene Panels, Targeted Metagenomic-Based Pathogen Diagnostics, Cytogenetics, and Non-invasive prenatal testing.
One Touch Medical Laboratories
One Touch Medical Laboratories 건강/사회
To improve health by providing clinical laboratory testing services , including highly sophisticated techniques for the prevention, early assessment and comprehensive management of complex chronic disease by timely, accurate and dependable with reasonable cost, investigation and support services to help physicians to quickly receive the critical and important information they need to guide their patients to proper management decisions.
Saudi Ajal
Saudi Ajal 건강/사회

مختبرات سعودي اجال
أسسنا مختبرات سعودي آجال في عام ٢٠٠٩ م لنكون رواداً في فحص متطلبات السلامة الشاملة للمنتجات و أداة فعالة لضمان الجودة لتحسين نمط حياة الفرد والأسرة و ينعم المجتمع بأسلوب حياة متوازن. نتعاون مع الشركات والمختبرات الدولية المتخصصة لتحقيق اعلى معايير الجودة من خلال مجموعة واسعة من الخدمات للشركات الدوائية، الغذائية، منشآت الرعاية الصحية، والوزارات والهيئات الحكومية.

Saudi Ajal
We established Saudi Ajal laboratories in 2009 to be pioneers in testing comprehensive product safety requirements and to be an effective quality assurance tool to improve the individual and community lifestyle.
We cooperate with specialized international companies and laboratories to achieve the highest quality standards through a wide range of services for pharmaceutical companies, food, health care facilities, ministries, and governmental agencies.
Saudi Prepared Media Laboratory Co Ltd
Saudi Prepared Media Laboratory Co Ltd 건강/사회
Saudi Prepared Media Laboratory Company Ltd was established in 1984 in Riyadh to meet the Saudi Arabian Markets needs for commercially available Pre Prepared Culture Medium in the form of Agar Plates, Tubed and Bottle Media. In the 30 plus years the company has been operation SPML has established a leading brand in the market place with a reputation for quality media and a service formatted to meet our customer needs. The range of media is designed to provide our customers with a one point source of their media requirements to support the media supply side of the business Saudi Prepared media has distribution agreements with a range of well recognized high quality European and US brands such as Abtek Biologicals Ltd UK Microbiologics - USA, CHROMagar - France and E&O laboratories Ltd UK to provide items such as ATCC Culture Strains, Range of high Quality affordable antibiotic Discs and Identification strips, the original chromogenic media range by the pioneer of Chromogenic Media and Quality blood based product range etc. all designed to provide our customers a complete and effective service. For further information please contact customer service and see how we can help you.
Sciences and Supply Limited
Sciences and Supply Limited 건강/사회
SSLimited Company is one of the largest companies for the processing of laboratories and medical supplies for bodies and individuals alike. SSLimited Company is distinguished by the presence of a large number of international brands with a distinguished reputation in the field of equipment and supplies. In order to be the best, the company obtained a number of commercial agencies from all over the world from In order to serve the Saudi scientific and laboratory community, the company also seeks to spread horizontally by opening a larger number of branches in the Republic in order to be closer to its valued.
Security Forces Hospital
Security Forces Hospital 건강/사회
The establishment of Security Forces Hospital - Makkah (SFHM) is considered one of the most important Ministry of Interior Health projects that the western region has had in the past few years. Despite the fact that it’s a new hospital; it still found its way through quick steps towards accomplishing a lot in the quality and quantity of specialist medical services provided for MOI employees and their dependent in western Region. Providing highly qualified people to do this job is considered a big contribution in order to take on these specialties per to the best measures and through using the best techniques. 
TMC Clinic
TMC Clinic 건강/사회
Have All Your Plastic Surgery Needs Covered Medical
The Fix Spa
The Fix Spa 건강/사회
As the ultimate beauty destination in Saudi Arabia, the fix is a Home service spa specialized in beauty, cosmetics, and self-care for every self-care enthusiast out there.
Wanting to follow the new KSA regulations that GAZT has set, there was a need for a new system that will allow them to implement the eInvoice and integrated with the Ministry of Finance.
This was an opportunity to digitally transform their business, become paperless company, where they can manage their business functions from a single place.
Odoo was the perfect fit. It covered the regulatory requirements along with a business suite to digitally transform the business. The solution is an on-demand solution where “The fix SPA” where able to start small and they scale once they grow.
A quick list of covered requirements:
XML format or PDF/A-3 (including XML format) are supported
The solution is web-based, cloud-based, able to connect to the internet Mobile friendly and mobile responsive
Record and transactions tracking along with historical information
Incoming/outgoing emails and notifications
Cryptographic Stamp are supported
Customer and supplier invoices, bills and payments
Cost centers and budgeting analysis
Assets & Depreciation Schedule
All essential financial and management reporting: P&L, Balance Sheet, Aged Receivable /Payable, Customer Statement of Account, Taxations, Zakat Reports on the net profit, Multi currencies- multi companies, Multi payment method.
The implemented solution helped “The Fix SPA” to go live within less than a month with the new ZACTA regulation and start their digital transformation journey.
Vision Medical KSA
Vision Medical KSA 건강/사회
Vision Medical was established in 2014 in Jeddah with a plan to provide the best possible health care solutions to the growing health care market within the Kingdom. Our aim from day one was to represent highly advanced medical equipment from world-class companies while building a local services network. The growth in the medical device and service market lead us to establish a wide geographical network covering the Kingdom to increase our accessibility and customer engagement.
Wamy 건강/사회
The World Assembly of Muslim Youth is an independent global Islamic institution and a member of the Non-Governmental organizations of the United Nations. They include more than five hundred Islamic youth and student organizations concerned with Muslim youth across five continents, consolidating the correct belief based on the Book and the Sunnah, spreading moderation among them and fighting against extremism and invested in humanitarian programs such as supporting orphans and helping areas afflicted by wars and natural disasters.