Powering Up Efficiency with Odoo: The Success Story of Essco Electrical

Essco Electrical

Company Name: Essco Electrical
Country: Saudi Arabia
Industry: Maintenance and Repair
Main Apps: CRM, Sales, Invoicing, Subscription, Maintenance, Project & Timesheets, Purchase, Accounting, TimeOff/Leaves, Payroll, Employees.
Number of Odoo Users: 11
Odoo Customer Success Manager: Mohammed El Sabbahy
Odoo Implementing Consultants: Tannous Kass-Hanna, Ammar Alami

Essco Electrical is a prominent company in Saudi Arabia's maintenance and repair industry, specializing in HVAC solutions and maintenance. They also offer services in electrical works, elevator services, low-current works, residential services, and commercial maintenance services. Essco also stands out in providing Green building sustainable services that include energy consumption audits, efficiency, solar power systems, and indoor quality. Established in 2012, Essco is now a team of 27 professionals operating mainly in three areas: Commissioning and maintenance operations, Implementation Operations, and Consulting Operations.

Sales & Operations Cycle:

Before implementing Odoo, Essco's sales team was struggling to manage tasks, lacked pipelines, and faced difficulty with forecasting and managing stages. But with the introduction of Odoo's CRM and Sales apps, they were able to address these pain points. The CRM app allowed them to categorize customers, add tags to their pipeline, and assign tasks to sales members. Meanwhile, the Sales app enabled them to include various services in their sales products, facilitate payments, and provide bilingual quotations. Through the Invoicing app, they could now store related documents and provide bilingual reports. Lastly, the Subscription app helped the customer service team manage follow-ups, upsells, and renewals after a project sale.

Maintenance and Project Management:

Before Odoo, Essco lacked a computerized maintenance system and tracking of equipment maintenance dates. But after implementing Odoo's Maintenance app and Project & Timesheets app, Essco transformed its maintenance and project management workflow. They could now divide sites among technicians, schedule monthly visits, keep real-time maintenance records, and carry out periodic and emergency maintenance procedures. For supply and installation projects, Essco could create client project tasks, submit periodic reports, and manage project completion processes efficiently.

Purchase & Finance:

Previously, inefficiency in project management issues like procurement and sales posed a significant challenge for Essco. But with Odoo's Purchase and Accounting apps, the company can now streamline its purchase and finance operations. The Purchase app allows for approval based on project tracking and requests, while the Accounting app enables invoice tracking, grouping, and the creation of cost centers for projects.

Human Resources:

Essco's HR workflow used to run on excel, making it a time-consuming process. But with Odoo's TimeOff/Leaves, Payroll, and Employees apps, the company has revolutionized its HR operations. The apps allow for standard structures, leave requests, a Saudi payroll structure, and employees setup per their given data, with custom fields under each.


Thanks to Odoo, Essco Electrical has been able to transform its operations, from sales and maintenance to finance and HR. By addressing each pain point with the right Odoo applications, Essco now enjoys increased efficiency and productivity, proving once again the power of the right tools in driving business growth. As Essco continues to grow, Odoo stands by their side, providing comprehensive, easy-to-use, and efficient solutions for every aspect of their business.

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