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Silverdale Technology LLC

Everything you know about ERP implementations is about to change.

ERP implementations have a bad reputation. Most of it deserved.

With 75% of ERP projects failing to meet their objectives, cost overruns, missing deadlines, compromised functionality, and user frustration are all too familiar.

It's common to hear, "Whatever the estimated cost and timeline, double it."

The traditional ERP integration industry thrives in this environment. Creating an air of mystery, complexity, and uncertainty around projects allows integrators to upsell and cross-sell without clients even realizing it.

But it's not just an integrator problem.

Organizations share the responsibility to ensure they are ready to embark on an ERP project. All too often, organizations see an ERP as a panacea to fix all their internal issues - trying to bolt on an ERP to an already chaotic business creates more issues, as old workarounds and manual processes are stifled. Suddenly it's the fault of the ERP. Too often do we hear that "the technology should fit around your business processes." This is an ideological position and one that frequently disappoints.

For an ERP project to be successful, you need to be open, willing, and, dare we say, eager to change your processes to fit the ERP. Adopting standard processes to flow with, rather than against, your ERP will pay dividends during implementation, adoption, and future iterations.

For ERP implementations to be successful, the integrator and the Client need to align their goals and have skin in the game. Expectations and deliverables need to be clear, commitments must be made and kept, and communication needs to be open and honest.

This is why we developed over 150 (and counting) tried and tested business processes that work hand-in-hand with Odoo.

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel; we know what works and are ready to serve it on a silver platter.

Our implementation method only works if you’re willing to let us change your business for the better. We’re not just a software deployment company; we’re a partner for the road ahead.

And this is why we promise you this:

We deliver each phase on time, or it's free

Yes, you read that right. We deliver each phase on time, or you get your money back.

The price we quote is the price you pay

Your project price will not change overnight due to “unforeseen ​circumstances."

We work with you and your users in real life

Processes and software designed for your real-world environment.

We make these commitments in the full knowledge that if we get it wrong, it will cost us reputationally and financially - it's our skin in the game.

What's next?

Are you new to Odoo?
Installing Odoo is easy. Making it work for your business is challenging.

Let us show you the benefits of Odoo and a Silverdale partnership.

Starter Implementation

Already using Odoo? 
Most companies use less than 40% of their ERP system.

Do you know much money you're throwing out the window?

Odoo Audit

Odoo gone wrong?
Get your Odoo project back on track and finally get a return on your investment.

If your project has stalled for any reason, let Silverdale get it done.

Odoo Rescue


Allied Industries International, Inc
In 1994, Joel already had years of sales experience in the commercial flooring industry. He thought he’d seen it all until he stepped foot in the kitchen of a major chain restaurant. The floors were chipped, cracked, and to this day he still remembers the smell!

He was inspired to find a solution. After only a few months he became very aware that the current flooring options were already failing, given the many challenges of maintaining a commercial kitchen floor.

After exhausting the current market, Joel decided to take the best pieces of the flooring industry and create the ultimate flooring solution.

In 2008, with a little research and a whole bunch of chemistry, Joel and Co-Founder Rich Neale cracked the code and Eco-Grip flooring was born.

Since its debut, Eco-Grip flooring has been actively disrupting the industry. Forcing competitors to take a hard look at the quality of flooring they are bringing to the table. The Eco-Grip flooring system has been installed in thousands of locations worldwide.
Arizona Powder Supply
Arizona Powder Supply’s goal is to provide you with top quality in-stock replacement parts for your Nordson, Gema, Wagner, Parker Ionics and KCI powder coating equipment, at the best possible price.
Cellpoint Corp
Taking your C & D grade phones and increasing them to B, or even A grade, for less than traditional refurbishment and repair costs.
For more than two decades, Continuant has been focused on delivering exceptional service to the enterprise. In addition to providing maintenance and support for existing systems, Continuant manages complex unified communications infrastructures, collaborates with businesses to develop a strategic roadmap to a unified communications solution, and offers unparalleled AV Solutions—including Design, Installation, and Day 2 support.

Continuant is located in Tacoma, Washington, USA.
DG Solutions
DG Solutions is a company that offers marketing services targeted direct mail campaigns to healthcare market research support. They offer a full range of services from printing business cards and brochures to end-to-end solutions for large-scale national mailing projects, along with extensive experience in market research, online surveys, design, print, mail, and data capture.
Flavorah, McKnight Standard LLC
We were founded with an ethos rooted in personal health and wellness. This is a value we share with our commercial customers who are in the business of assisting people to quit long term addictions. Flavor concentrates are an empowering product that can help people overcome decades of repetitive, unhealthy habits. The secret to empowering this harm reduction is the infinite variety and unique satisfaction that people get from trying new flavors, which are preferable to the less healthy products that they are addicted to.

We are proud that many of our customers have enjoyed success in the United Kingdom, where many of our customers have been invited to distribute free samples in public hospitals. This long term campaign for harm reduction from the NHS has flourished because of good flavorings, and it is spreading around Europe, the commonwealth, and the rest of the world.
Every Harvest Right Freeze Dryer has been designed, engineered and hand-assembled with care in their manufacturing facility in Salt Lake City, Utah. They are committed to making great American-made appliances that are built to last and can preserve the foods for years to come.
Mountain Meadow Herbs
Born of a mother’s desperate search for healing, Mountain Meadow Herbs has existed, in essence, since 1996. A young mother, told that her son wouldn’t live past a year, maybe two, unintentionally formed a company out of her deep desire to help and heal when doctors said it was impossible.

Officially founded in 2001, Mountain Meadow herbs has since become an advocate and trusted source of superior health and natural healing.

Mountain Meadow Herbs is located in Somers, Montana.
All your residential property service needs under one roof! Be the #1 aggregator for residential property services, by working with the best craftsmen and service providers, who deliver the right balance of cost, quality, and professionalism.
Wild Leaf
Wildleaf is a rapidly growing and established co-packaging and co-manufacturing facility in Baltimore, MD for both non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages. We help beverage brand owners scale their product in an increasingly competitive landscape by providing a one-stop-shop for quality production and packaging.