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Beijing Shinetech China Software Inc. Room 1780, ShengFu Building maizidian Street No. 37, Chao yang District
100125 Beijing
+86 188 1006 3811




服务领域:二十余年全球项目经验 + 国内技术咨询顾问






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Shinetech Software Inc. is a trusted software development partner for over 1,500 customers in more than 30 countries worldwide.
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Service Scope: Realize modern enterprise business upgrading and innovation with the help of software

To maximize the value of collaborative innovation with customers, Shinetech has 21 offices in 7 countries worldwide, including 18 branches and R&D centers, providing 700+ Agile software engineers. To meet your development needs, we provide custom software development services and are committed to solving the challenges and problems encountered by enterprises in the process of digitalization. Shinetech Software is committed to helping your business thrive in the digital sphere.

Service field: more than 20 years of custom software development

Since Shinetech's founding 20+ years ago, we have customized and developed software for "speedy problem solving and commercial value" for customers in various niches: global IT, warehousing and logistics, e-commerce, education and training, tourism, intelligent breeding, catering, finance, insurance, medical, automobile and other industries. Our goal has been to help customers achieve innovative business development and management changes.

Our Customer Base: Covering 30 Countries, 1500+ Clients

In the more than 20 years of software development, we have been fortunate to cooperate with some growing SMEs and global top 500 multinational companies, including HP, Softbank, IKEA, Tencent, Coca-Cola, COFCO, BMW, Giti Tire, Decathlon, Bulgari Rei, Estee Lauder, Ralph Lauren, Mizuno, etc.

Odoo and digital transformation

As an Odoo partner, Shinetech aims to provide customers with global ERP solutions, including Odoo integration, upgrades, training, and other services. We also offer a wide range of knowledge and expertise – Shinetech dedicated developers specialize in numerous industries and technologies spanning hotel management, automotive, agriculture, home improvement, insurance, and many more. Our customers also encompass small, medium, and large enterprises. 

To provide a service of the highest standard, our dedicated developers branch out and look for adjacent technologies that can help our customers achieve more through software. Shinetech developers further specialize in eCommerce, cloud services, AI, ML, VR/AR, IoT and mobile development and pursue certifications to validate our approach and uphold high development standards. That is why when customers come to Shinetech, they can rest assured knowing that their development needs will always be met.

For more information, please visit our website: Shinetech Software


Ancla International Limited
安恪勒国际有限责公司是一家提供进出口服务的贸易公司,为拉丁美洲和亚洲商人提供贸易和投资便利。安恪勒提供原材料、化学品、金属、纺织品、学校用品、办公用品、大众消费、农工业、银行、椅子和家具、安全、电子和技术、工业机械和生产线的进口服务. 亚洲大陆生产的产品、材料和建筑机械等。安恪勒是中国第一家获得 ISO 认证(GB/T19001-2016/ISO9001:2015)的拉丁美洲公司
导入范围: CRM, Project, Sales, Purchase, Invoicing

ANCLA provides import and export services, facilitating trade and investment for Latin American and Asian businessmen.  ANCLA‘s experience is based on providing import services for raw materials, chemicals, metals, textiles, school products, office products, mass consumption, agro-industrial, banking, chairs and furniture, security, electronics and technology, industrial machinery, and production lines. production, materials, and construction machinery, among others, produced on the Asian continent. ANCLA is the first Latin American company in China with ISO certification (GB/T19001-2016/ISO9001:2015)

Shinetech implemented modules: CRM, Project, Sales, Purchase, Invoicing

WEO Technology HK Limited
百易图 是一个多元化内容的社交媒体平台,用户可以在这里自由表达自己并说出自己的想法。娱乐、美容、时尚、新闻、政治、体育、游戏、生活、喜剧、文化等多种不同类别视频。在百易图与具有不同兴趣的各种社区表达您的意见,创建共享和下载引人入胜的内容。
导入范围: Purchase and Accounting

Beeto is a multi-diverse content social media platform where you can express yourself freely and speak your mind. Trendings, campaigns, videos, different influencers, celebrities, and official accounts of different categories such as Entertainment, Beauty and fashion, News and politics, Sports and gaming, Lifestyle, Comedy, and Culture will be delivered to you in a single platform. Come to Beeto to express your opinions with a variety of communities sharing different interests. Take part in outstanding campaigns, challenges, and activities. You can also create, share, and download engaging content.
Shinetech implemented modules: Purchase and Accounting
导入范围: CRM, Sales, Invoicing, Purchase, Inventory, Project, Planning, Documents, Employees

Zenfeel provides the acoustic treatment solution which is used control unnecessary and unwanted noise. The services includes Acoustic Consulting, Acoustic Retrofit and Installation. Zenfeel produces Wall materials, Ceiling materials and Decoration elements etc, Zenfeel helps the client to have a truly enjoyable space to either relax, focus, or have fun in the best conditions.

Shinetech implemented the modules as below: 
CRM, Sales, Invoicing, Purchase, Inventory, Project, Planning, Documents, Employees