Automatic import of Inventory

Rodney Oliver

I have a nightly cron job set up in ir.cron that calls one our vendor's SOAP api to pull in inventory products, prices and on hand quantities that we purchase from them.  The cron creates a csv file from the SOAP response payload.  I would like to create another cron or add to the existing cron task,  to insert/update the Odoo product tables automatically.  Meaning the ir.cron job will call the vendor's inventory SOAP service, then insert/update the products into Odoo's  products table.   Looking for recommendations on the best way to do this?

I could just insert/update the products_products and product_templates tables.  However I'm not sure if that is the safest route.  There may be other tables that need to be updated

Use Odoo's external RPC functionality to insert/update the item data

Thoughts and or examples?