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How to sell a service, but use products?

It is possible to sell a service, but use products from the warehouse.

When doing a field service, products are used, but they integrate a service with a fixed price (in the invoice), how can this be done?

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Smita Henej
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Hello David,

While using the Field Service module, If we add products to our tasks it creates a quotation automatically. Also, odoo creates a product with the same name as the task, product type as service and gives it a default sales price.


In the above example, I created a task named 'Printer repair' and odoo created a product with the same name.

When products are added to the task, the product 'Printer repair' will be automatically added to the sales order line. We can change the sales price of the product (generated for the service) from the quotation generated. Also, the products used will be added to the sales order line.


We can confirm the order and create the invoice directly from the task after delivering the service.


I hope that answers your question. I have tried this in Odoo v.14.

Thank you!

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