How to add multiple receivable accounts for one customer, Odoo v14

Patricia McCaig

I want to import thousands of invoices to Odoo however it won't work correctly as my customers all have only one receivable account (which defaults to our reporting currency).

This results in a sold product correctly booked to a revenue account in EUR for instance but with in debit a receivable in CHF, instead of EUR.  I want to avoid having to manually alter each invoice after import.

When I try to add the journal line in my import, I get this message on the import test "The account selected on your journal entry forces to provide a secondary currency. You should remove the secondary currency on the account"
How can I configure my import template to avoid this?

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Hello Patricia. 

In the accounting entry to be imported into Odoo, the amount expressed in the secondary currency must be positive when the account is debit and negative when the account is credit. In addition, the currency field must be empty when the amount is expressed in the company's currency, otherwise it generates the error you indicate.
Example import template:Second Part:

After reviewing your use case, I understand that you want to import the invoices and segment the accounting account receivable according to the currency of the invoice, be it USD, EUR or any other currency.
It is important to remember that this way you separate the account receivable according to the foreign currency (currency), Odoo records the balances in your local currency.

Based on your need, I explain the steps you can take
1. Go to your chart of accounts and create separate accounts receivable according to currency as shown in the following image:

When creating the accounting account you can select the currency:

2. The accounting entry once you import the invoices should be shown in Odoo as in the following image:

Example Invoice in USD and Invoice in EUR for the same customer