Regaining Confidence in ERP: from SAP to Odoo

The Breakthrough That Rescued Indonesia’s Leading Steakhouse Company

Country: Indonesia

Industry: F&B (Restaurant)
Apps Implemented: Sales, Invoicing, Purchase, Inventory, Point of Sale, Accounting, Manufacturing, Quality
Company Size: 800
Implementation Type: SaaS

Striving to be the best-valued steakhouse in Indonesia for almost three decades, Abuba Steak has sustained its legacy by tackling ever-evolving demands from a growing fanbase. The restaurant chain is now an iconic eatery in Jakarta and its neighboring cities. Starting with pen and paper to excel sheets, and now harnessing ERP solutions, the enterprise's agility to changes in the business world is what makes it successful today. Abuba Steak's focal point on standardized operations reflects its aim of rapid business expansion and is one of the driving forces in their adoption of business management software.

Rocky Start with SAP

Digitization reformed Abuba Steak's operations in ways that they never experienced before. The implementation of Software as a Service (SaaS) enabled them to achieve business acceleration, which they had long anticipated. However, they encountered a tough anomaly before a successful feat with Odoo. The enterprise ventured into ERP through SAP with an implementation time of almost two years. On top of the painfully slow integration, the SAP Business One package limited to several applications that had poor integration; Purchasing, Inventory, and Accounting. After putting the applications to the test, the enterprise soon discovered that the software struggled to support their business due to a lack of support in implementation and rigid configurations. In simple terms, Abuba Steak's first experience with business management software was an unfortunate disaster.

"The integration between our local PoS system and SAP was not possible, so we faced a lot of problems. After a year of implementation, support from SAP was delayed and reduced. We later found that we could solve these problems with Odoo and decided to drop SAP."

– Ali Ariansyah, Company Director

Odoo to the Rescue

After facing a dilemma with SAP, Abuba Steak was deflated and almost lost hope. Through Odoo Roadshows held in Bandung, YouTube videos, and demo databases, they entrusted Odoo's services and gave us a chance to restore their confidence. The enterprise was relieved of costs and time with Odoo's quickstart implementation that was complete in less than three months. They discovered Odoo to be an all-in-one platform to centrally organize their operations across sixteen applications (and later adding more to their subscription). The upgrade proved to greatly facilitate work activities for over eight hundred employees, extending from the back-end office to front-line restaurant staff.

The Breakthrough

After the quickstart implementation, the most primary and fundamental operation in Abuba Steak was digitized for the first time. Odoo's manufacturing app enabled the enterprise to centralize data, build configurations, and, most importantly, seamlessly integrate with other operations. In the past, the enterprise faced difficulties in the distribution of information to teams, but with the help of advanced BoMs, working instructions are now simpler and error-free. The R&D department is now able to plan routing, quality control, and maintenance with synchronicity, killing three birds with one stone!

Another valuable asset of Abuba Steak is its PoS system, as it is the centerpiece that processes their daily sales orders and activities. Tasks such as placing orders may seem simple. However, Odoo's PoS app offers reporting and forecasting features that raise the value of the basic operation. Saving the best feature for the last, Odoo's accounting app allows easy reconciliation of payments, creation of reports to analyze performance, and export of information for tax reporting. With the additional integration with local banks, Abuba Steak finds these the key liberties in advancing their finances.

The Catalyst in Successful Implementations

As the price of success is ingenious work and dedication, a Bahasa-speaking functional consultant, Marianne Janet Oentaryo, carefully coordinates the implementations of Abuba Steak's systems. Localization is rooted in Odoo's services, therefore, we do our best to bring the closest proximity of connection through a native language. Abuba Steak and many other clients value our functional consultants as catalysts who assist them during their self-learning journey with Odoo.

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Functional Consultant Profile

Marianne Janet Oentaryo is an in-house representative whose role is to provide full support and optimal solutions when implementing Odoo projects. Janet continues to provide expert communication and covers two of the most important aims, extraordinary results, and satisfied clients.

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