How IBIS-GEAR transformed its retail operations in less than 6 months

Company Name: IBIS-GEAR SP. Z O.O.

Location: Kyiv, Ukraine

Industry: Retail

Company Size: 250+

Odoo Users: <30

Apps: Inventory, Finance, Purchase, Sales

Implementation Partner: Self-ERP LLC


In the retail industry, companies often grapple with the complexities of managing multiple facets of their business. IBIS-GEAR SP. Z O.O., a prominent player in this space, was facing multiple challenges that led to its quest for an integrated solution.

IBIS-GEAR operates a network of retail stores for B2B distribution, both offline and online. The company’s portfolio features approximately 100,000 products spanning categories like outdoor equipment, fishing gear, and weapons. These products are distributed internationally across various branches. 

Aligning for international expansion

Despite its flourishing activities, the company was aiming for more efficiency as each of its branches had specific financial requirements and accounting parameters needed to be taken into account - making the total financial reconciliation reporting a Herculean task. This disparity created significant difficulties, especially when venturing into new markets. 

As branching out further proved challenging due to incompatible financial systems and processes, IBIS-GEAR needed a solution that would not only facilitate this process but that would also optimally integrate and align with the parent company's technological ecosystem, ensuring swift and effective decision-making. 

Choosing Odoo: The Turning Point

With its flexibility, modularity, and data consolidation capabilities, Odoo emerged as the solution IBIS-GEAR had been searching for to address its unique challenges head-on. 

Therefore, the company strategically implemented several key Odoo applications, positively impacting the company’s processes, namely:

  • Inventory: enhanced inventory management for a group of international companies, optimizing the supply chain;
  • Sales: elevated sales processes for better customer engagement and revenue generation;
  • Purchase: improved procurement processes for cost-effective operations.

The entire implementation phase spanned less than six months. To facilitate the transition, IBIS-GEAR’s employees underwent Odoo training from the project's inception, facilitating seamless integration into existing processes. The project was divided into various phases, with frequent progress updates, specialized development teams, and transparent hour tracking.

The results of the transformation were nothing short of remarkable:

  • Rapid Deployment: within a mere 2.5 months, IBIS-GEAR was operating at full capacity with the new Odoo system;
  • IoT Integration: IoT components, such as printers, scanners, and barcode readers, were seamlessly incorporated;
  • Financial Optimization: integration with the parent company's accounting system led to optimized time and cost management;
  • Unified Data: ensuring transparency and effectiveness across all organizational levels.

In conclusion, IBIS's journey with Odoo exemplifies how a forward-thinking, integrated solution can overcome complex challenges, facilitate rapid growth, and provide a competitive edge in the global marketplace. Through its flexibility, modularity, and data integration capabilities, Odoo empowers IBIS to confidently embrace new challenges on their path to success. 

"The successful implementation of this project was made possible through intelligent communication between our office and the project team. This resulted in an innovative business support model. We are committed to further developing the project." Olena Druzhynska, CMO at IBIS.

Implementation Partner:

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