Organization, promotion, sale: seamless event management

Streamline your events with Odoo

Odoo Events has been helping to organize successful events with no pain since 2012, when the first version of the module was released. The latest Odoo Spring Relase will bring hotly anticipated features and improvements that will take event organization to the next level.

If you, like us, believe that innovative ideas need to become real, keep reading to discover tips and actions to implement that will allow you to never sacrifice originality again.

Organization, promotion, sale: seamless event management powered by Odoo

What makes Odoo's Events app different from most events software is that it covers all aspects of an event manager's work: from organization to visibility, promotion to sale. This applies to any kind of event, including conferences, meetings, seminars, training and webinars.

Odoo Events is the product of a synergy between skilled developers and events industry insiders, including our own Events Management Team. This way, we make sure that we're tackling real issues and providing effective and timely solutions to industry needs.

These are some of the key features that continue to make users fans of Odoo Events.

Event organization

Managing speakers is now easier, giving you more time to focus on finding and booking the best speakers for your event. Keep an eye on tracks management: follow every step in a clear and organized way, from issuing the call for speakers on the event website to managing submissions, content and speakers. Integration between the front end and the back end makes organization and publication extremely simple, as information about speakers can be directly translated into visually appealing speakers' biographies and descriptions of the talks and presentations.

New in Odoo Spring Release 

Upon entering the module, users will be delighted to see that the kanban has been revamped, and is now even more user friendly. The overall new look and feel makes juggling between tasks and events much easier, thanks also to improved filters and the ability to group by options.

As well as those already in the event from, a new widget allows you to ask customized questions in the form of multiple choice. This simplifies obtaining the right information upon registration, which can be used at later stages to customize the event experience for each attendee.

As far as group enrolment is concerned, obtaining one-line, readable information for each attendee is now easier. Each attendee can be managed individually, including customized badges and personalized emails.

Event confirmation and registration can now be set as confirmed by default. This fits for bigger companies that need to rationalize management for large scale events. The option for small and medium-sized businesses to confirm an event’s registrations at a later time (for example, based on registration thresholds) is still available.

Event forms view has been simplified, in order to meet the needs of small companies that hold events focusing on tighter groups with high potential.

Customizing your event just got simpler for small and big companies alike. Tweak settings to adapt the tool to your needs, and use this Odoo module to create a straight-to-the-point tool or something powerful and capable to manage big numbers.

Event promotion

Through the events module you can directly manage all your event's web promotion. Start by creating engaging event pages with the same user-oriented technology available on the CMS module: drag and drop building blocks into place, and share your speakers and agenda information with attendees and prospects. What's more, Odoo's edit inline approach means anyone can make updates and changes without needing to hire web designers or creative services. Modify content and images directly on the website.

In addition to website creation, the Events module allows you to segment, share on social networks and even manage mass mailing automation.

New in Odoo Spring Release

Prepare your event’s email marketing campaign in advance with the improved mass mailing tool for events. With the new release, you'll be able to schedule communications to be sent automatically: save the date, enrolment confirmation, know before you go, thank you for attending, etc. No need for a designer, you are in control. Create your emails with a simple yet appealing drag and drop system, add your great content and set target, date and time of sending. This allows you to have a mailing calendar ready upon event creation.

Does your event need a little extra space? You now have the possibility to edit the Event menu and create extra pages.

 What do you think of the new features coming in Odoo 9? Let us know on social media!

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