Quick set up

Easy to configure and efficient

In just a few steps you'll be able to register your Amazon credentials and start to import orders from multiple accounts and marketplaces per account.

Marketplace support

Odoo's Amazon Connector module already supports eight marketplaces: the US, Canada, and Mexico for the North American market; France, UK, Germany, Italy, Spain and the Netherlands for the European market.


Match database products

When an Amazon order is synchronized, it is possible to match the offer with the specific product in your Odoo database based on the product's reference, used as the SKU (Stock Keeping Unit).

Synchronization of orders

Your Amazon orders are automatically synchronized with your Odoo database at regular intervals.


Configure taxes on products

The taxes you've set on the product or in the fiscal position will be applied to the related sales order item.

Manage your deliveries

If using an FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) delivery method, each sales order synchronized in Odoo triggers a stock move, so your Inventory will be kept up-to-date. With the FBM (Fulfillment by Merchant) method, delivery notifications are sent to Amazon for each confirmed delivery of a sales order. You can either ship all the ordered products to your customers at once or ship products partially using backorders.

Invoices and payments

Issue invoices based on unique orders or in batches, and register payments in Odoo.

Sales reporting

Use the Sales reporting tools to easily visualize reports of your Amazon figures.


Find more documentation on the Amazon Connector aici.