Sage and Savvy sarl
Sage and Savvy sarl
About the Client:

Generation R Holding operates multiple business entities including Colibri Hotel, Le 43, Le Gabarit, Sage & Savvy, and Kazar, managed under a single higher-level entity. They are involved in hospitality, retail, and service sectors across various locations.


Generation R Holding faces the challenge of integrating and optimizing their existing Odoo system across diverse business entities. They need to streamline operations from purchasing to invoicing and distribution, while ensuring effective CRM for customer management and marketing automation. The complexity was in managing multiple hotel reservations, housekeeping services, and retail operations under one unified ERP system.


Azkatech implemented a comprehensive solution tailored to Generation R Holding's diverse business needs. The new unified Odoo implementation adheres to international standards, allowing seamless management of all activities and functions from a single platform. This includes robust modules for business management, CRM, marketing automation, HR management, event management, project management, manufacturing processes, quality control, maintenance, and PLM. The system also incorporates stock and warehouse management, material tracking, and comprehensive financial management operations supporting multi-companies and fixed assets. Integration with Lebanese chart of accounts and analytical accounting features ensures accurate financial reporting and cost center management per project.