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Hallab 1881 SAL
Hallab 1881 SAL Comida
Acquiring full compliance with ISO (22000:2005) and ISO (9001:2015) certificates, currently operating 12 branches in various countries. Hallab 1881 has been a pioneer in the world of Lebanese sweets since its establishment in 1881. Known as “Kasr El Helu” al Hallab is striving for diversification with a range of sugar-free sweets and specialized division for occidental sweets. The company expanded its market share into the GCC market with branches scattered across Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, working on claiming a strong duty-free presence at main airports in the region.

Their Challenges: Hallab 1881 before Odoo ERP implementation faced some challenges that needed the Odoo customization services especially in the catering and food production.

Some of the challenges were cost of production, managing yields, left over and re-processing, forecasting, consignments and managing catering events, alternative bills of materials and substitutes raw material.

Azkatech, the Official Odoo Gold Partners implemented a full Odoo ERP implementation and Odoo ERP customization that focused on the manufacturing of food, sweets and catering, taking into account the full cycle from the forecasting of needs using Artificial intelligence and machine learning tuned regression models, till procurement, quality management and delivering the final products in time.
Sultanium Comida
Lina’s & Dina’s Diet Center (LDDC) is a family business, established in Kuwait, committed to providing healthy food and dietary consultation of the utmost quality.

The Challenge: The fast growth of LDDC posed some challenges that comes with the growth like keeping an excellent customer relationship, getting paid on time, measuring their marketing activities attribution, understanding their margins and cost and streamlining their food manufacturing processes
Azkatech, the official Odoo partner helped them thru the implementation of a multi phases project that covered the whole cycle, from the marketing campaign, thru leads, sales, menu setup and selections and till production in kitchen then distribution for the subscribers.
The scope covered standard and customized modules. Part of the customization it covered the subscription model for diet centers where clients are able to subscribe for programs (like 6 packs) then select their meals, food preferences, dieticians will measure, log and track key per KPIs for their subscribers and the manufacturing of meals that required sophisticated modifications to meet the specific needs in the meals manufacturing industry.
TaQa Snacks
TaQa Snacks Comida
TAQA Snacks are vegan, GMO-free, and Palm-oil free snacks provider company, present in Lebanon, Canada, Switzerland, Oman, Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, UAE, Trinidad and Tobago.
Their Challenge:
Taqa Snacks are using a financial system to manage their accounting operations. Looking for a new system that allow them to digitally transform into a new technology, paperless company, where they can manage their business functions from a single place, what better solution was there other than Odoo ERP with Azkatech, an Odoo Gold Partner.
Azkatech, the Odoo ERP Provider prepared a solution that can fulfill all the requirements of Taqa Snacks, was able to manage the Odoo implementation process through the following list of Odoo modules:
Odoo Purchase Module
Quality control
Sales Module
Travel Bureau
Travel Bureau Comida
About the client :

Travel Bureau is a leading travel agency with offices in Lebanon and the United Arab Emirates. Dealing with all aspects of travel, Travel Buareau offer excellent customer service with all major holiday destinations and various packages that are tailor-made according to budgets and needs.


Travel Bureau was struggling to manage its daily operations efficiently. Employees were using several different systems to handle bookings, customer information, and finances, which made it difficult to keep track of everything and resulted in a lot of errors and missed opportunities.


Ever Business Solutions worked closely with Travel Bureau's employees to understand their requirements and to implement a full ERP system that meets their needs. The system integrated all operations into a single platform and included modules for sales, accounting/invoicing, customer relationship management, leaves/time off, helpdesk, document management, email marketing, and marketing automation..