Tetra pour les Contrats de Construction
Tetra pour les Contrats de Construction
Tetra for Construction Projects (TCC) is a building construction company. It provides the following services:

• General Construction (small and large construction sites).

• Building models

• Building design

• Quote (rapid study of the work)

 Pain-points

1. Projects profitability follow-up

2. Cost of materials & labor.

3. time pressures and achieving quality.

4. The lack of integration of apps.

5. The long implementation time of ICT.

 Approach to solve the issues

After comparing many platforms and exploring many options, Odoo has been selected ,

by TCC management due to many factors such as:

1. Fast implementation time.

2. Affordable setup cost.

3. Possibility of customization.

4. Simplicity and user-friendliness.

5. Modularity and Integration.

6. Technical evolution.

7. Extensible through a development environment.

 Implementation

The whole process took about 6 months :

1. Phase#1 : Logistics (Approvals, Purchases, Inventory)

2. Phase#2 : Accounting , expenses, Projects management.

3. Phase#3 : HR (employees, Payroll …), sales, rentals

4. Phase#4: Documents, Dashboard, Fleet, Marketing .

The services of the local partner (ABC) included many aspect:

1. Implementation.

2. Development

3. Data migration

4. Hosting

5. Training

6. Continuous assistance & maintenance.

7. Process improvement.

 Outcomes & Achievements

Right now, the outcomes are very important, notably:

1. TCC rid of many apps/tools reducing the cost and the maintenance and having a

unique integrated solution (All in one).

2. The visibility is now 360 degrees:

o Management dashboards.

o Profitability of projects is clear.

o People are notified on reel time.

o Costs are controlled.

o Work progress is up-to-date

o …

3. MOUSSEYIR-contruction is handling the entire work and used by all departments.

4. Implementation phases are short (5 months implementation period).

5. Processes have been improved based on the best practices & the platform features.

6. The cost of implementation is very minimal as compared to the other ERPs.

 What’s Next

In the next months we are looking forward to have other implementations in the

construction sectors.

We have succeeded in our promise to carry out quick implementation that is cost-

effective and improve the business efficiency and people life.