The ins and outs of being a Business Advisor at Odoo

Meet Anan, Business Advisor in our Direct Sales department. Working from the Dubai office, he is qualifying clients, doing demos and closing many deals. Discover here the ins and outs of the Business Advisor position from Anan himself.

What does Business Advisor do at Odoo?

A Business Advisor at Odoo’s Direct Sales is responsible for multiple things. I handle the sales cycles from the beginning until the end. Starting from qualifying clients, doing demos and showcasing the software’s capabilities, I help clients by suggesting best practices and personalizing the system for each industry. After the negotiation phase and closing of the contract, I continue managing their accounts for some time until they are handed over to the Customer Success Team.

What does a typical work day look like?

Personally, I like to start my mornings with positive energy and enthusiasm. I, typically, like to arrive at the office early so I can set up my workstation and slowly sip on my morning coffee before I begin working.

By the time I finish my coffee, around 9:00 am, I am ready to start my day! I try to avoid calling clients first thing in the morning as they are usually just getting started or would be in the country with earlier time zones. Because of that, I spend my morning getting through all the admin work I have, such as emails, filling out scopes of work, doing internal meetings, or even writing down the priority tasks I have for that day.

I also like to have all my calls spread out evenly throughout the week as well as organize my leads in different stages and priority levels in Odoo’s CRM. 

Once it hits noon, I like to go for lunch with my colleagues either at the office pantry or outside in one of the neighboring restaurants. After having a delicious meal, I am back at my desk, going through the rest of my calls with my happy clients who are excited to start using Odoo. Towards the end of the day, I celebrate by hitting the gong for any deals I have closed that day and share the details with my colleagues before finally cleaning up my pipeline for the next day. 

What is your favorite part of the job?

My favourite part of being a Business Advisor at Odoo would be the relationships I develop with the clients. I get to deal with so many different people and industries which allows me to constantly learn and develop. It also teaches me the ins and outs of different business workflows and how things work internally. 


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