My job as an Account Manager in Indirect Sales

Meet Rebecca!

Meet Rebecca, Account Manager in our Indirect Sales department. Working with Partners is an everyday challenge. You will never get bored! Discover here the ins and outs of her position. Let's go Rebecca!

In short, my job as an Customer Success Advisor is to do the follow-up on existing customers. I make sure everything is going well with their use of the software and ensure they keep on working with Odoo and extend their use of our applications. I also check everything is going well with their partner: How is the relationship with the partner? What are the next steps? How far along are we in the implementation?

Who are the Odoo Partners?

The Odoo Official Partner label is dedicated to companies that offer quality services on Odoo. They provide both the technical and business aspects to Odoo end-users.

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What is a typical work day like at Odoo?

In the morning I arrive at the office full of energy. I have a large glass of water and sit next to my favorite colleagues. Aurélie explains me her weekend while I'm turning my computer on. I throw an eye on my emails and my agenda. I have a contract renewal meeting with a customer in the morning and a project follow-up in the afternoon.

I read over my renewal pitch and review the offers I prepared and then I connect to the videoconference. My contact is the general director of a company that manages food waste. Employees have already been using Odoo for two years and it really helps them automate a lot of processes. The director seems to be a satisfied customer. He has a few questions on my renewal offers but remains impassive. I  really hope he is going to commit for a few years more. Fingers crossed... During our call, he told me he would be interested in the HR apps. We directly planned a new meeting so that next time, I'll show him what our wonderful HR apps can do!

And it’s already noon. We all go up to the rooftop to eat the delicious lunch prepared by our chef Jacques. A real break in the day. Everyday, we have a different dish of the day, healthy and fresh, prepared with seasonal ingredients, coming from local producers. 

Then let’s get the afternoon started! It’s time to call one of my partners, an IT company located in Marseille and implementing Odoo with about fifteen customers. The partner inserts all the customers information in the database, performs specific developments if necessary and trains customers so that they have an optimal use of Odoo.  I know my contact person very well because I often talk to him on the phone so we often start the call with a little update on our life: he starts by announcing that he is married and has just come back from his honey moon. Lucky him! And then we move on to the follow-up of his customers.

I put my notes in order and answer a few customers calls. A big company in the north of France asks me to add five users in their contract. I create the quotation and send him. I suddenly receive a notification. One of the customers I had had on the phone two weeks ago has just renewed his contract for three years. I get up and ring the bell. Everybody applauds! Youhou!

Why do you like working at Odoo? 

I like the fact that I am surrounded by great colleagues, not only very funny (when I get a down, Yeffry tells me a joke and got me back on track) but especially very smart. I learn new things about our software every day. Sales techniques have no secret left for me as I'm getting tips and tricks on a daily basis. 

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