Sweet Success: El Rey del Dulce's Journey with Odoo

Company Name: El Rey del Dulce

Location: Queretaro, Mexico

Industry: Food and Beverage

Apps Implemented: CRM, Sales, Website

Company Size: 23 Employees

Number of users: 23

Hosting Type: Online

In 1962, Juan Tapia and Maria Dolores Rodríguez, with just a bicycle and a box of sweets, began selling candies. Later on, they started marketing their products in local stores. In 1977, the family grew alongside the business, and thus, in the 1980s, the brand El Rey del Dulce was established.

El Rey del Dulce is a Queretan candy shop with 61 years of respect and experience in the market. They always seek (and deliver) the best quality for their products. They offer a variety of candies, snacks, and the finest personalized items for parties.

El Rey del Dulce and its Encounter with Odoo

Throughout its over 60 years of history, El Rey del Dulce has demonstrated its commitment to quality and customer service. However, like any growing business, they faced operational challenges that required modern and efficient solutions. After a decade-long search for an ERP system that would meet their needs, they came across Odoo through a recommendation.

Challenges Overcome with Odoo

Esteban, a representative of El Rey del Dulce, points out that, by adopting Odoo, they primarily sought to automate their processes, improve their customer relationship management (CRM), and optimize the manufacturing of their products. 

These goals were successfully achieved, thanks to the versatility and effectiveness of Odoo. 

When asked to speak about Odoo, Esteban highlighted the user-friendliness of the system, and its ability to adapt to the specific needs of the company, even facilitating management from mobile devices.

"I believe an important factor that led us to the decision to work with Odoo was the technologies it is developed on. I know that the system is built on high-level technologies, which are also compatible with any other software through APIs and web services. That is an important part, which can be integrated. Integration with other tools and applications is easy," says Esteban.

Another important factor that led El Rey del Dulce to decide to work with Odoo was the scalability of the software. For them, it was crucial how Odoo constantly updates without getting stuck.

Tangible Benefits of Working with Odoo

The implementation of Odoo has revolutionized the operation of El Rey del Dulce. Esteban estimates an 80-90% increase in the company's efficiency since adopting the system. The interconnection of all modules has streamlined processes, and provided instant access to key information, allowing the company to quickly adapt to new challenges and business opportunities.

"In each new version, there are new possibilities, which is spectacular. We are very changeable, but whenever we want to change something, we can do it with Odoo," Esteban added. 

For El Rey del Dulce's processes, it was also essential to not stop operations, due to a lack of internet, and that was possible with Odoo.

The Future with Odoo

Currently, El Rey del Dulce is expanding its sales channels and making the most of Odoo's capabilities to manage orders through its website. The scalability of the system gives them the confidence that they will be able to continue growing and adapting as their operational needs evolve.

"It is an excellent system. Now we are going to migrate to the new version of Odoo and we continue to learn from the system. We keep adding more modules, learning from them, and applying them in the operation. This is helping us increase the effectiveness and efficiency of the company," says Esteban, a representative of El Rey del Dulce.

At El Rey del Dulce, they recommend working with Odoo because it is a system with a global architecture. They admire Odoo for its versatility, availability, daily backups, hosting, security, and so much more. 

Esteban went on to add, "It will allow you to satisfy any requirement of any company because it can adapt to any market niche."

About El Rey del Dulce

El Rey del Dulce is an iconic, and established, candy shop from Queretaro, with over six decades of experience in the market. Recognized for its dedication to offering the highest quality products, and exceptional customer service, it has become a benchmark in the industry.

El Rey del Dulce's experience with Odoo is a testimony to the positive impact that a well-implemented ERP solution can have on a company. The versatility, user-friendliness, and adaptability of Odoo have allowed El Rey del Dulce to reach new levels of efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Learn more at: www.elreydeldulce.com

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