Danthop: Building Apps Hand-in-Hand with Odoo

Name of Company: Danthop
Country: Mexico

Number of Odoo Users: 2 Active Users
Industry: Technology and App Development

Company Size: Small

Services Offered: Accounting, Invoicing, CRM, Sales, Studio, Marketing, and Purchase

Little giant

The technology industry in Mexico has grown in recent years, and is slowly beginning to become an important part of the Mexican economy. Within this growing environment, a small Mexican company called, Danthop, was born; looking to grow along with the new industry. It didn’t take long for Danthop to claim its place in this emergent world of technology.

However, some things are easier said than done, and Danthop's employees soon realized this. One of the first hurdles they faced was with their sales. They had little control over their client portfolio, and they also didn't have a proper way to follow-up with clients. The best solution they had at the time was to hire a third-party company to help them in those areas. However, in doing so, they no longer had control over CRM (or sales), and it wasn’t sustainable in the long run.

They soon realized that they also had administrative issues, as well, especially on the financial side of things. Despite their modest size, Danthop has always worked with large projects. They have routinely divided their clients’ invoices in parts. However, they didn’t have the wherewithal to know exactly what had to be invoiced, and they didn’t know what the client had paid already. In short, they had a lot of problems to fix.

Being able to obtain an accurate analysis of the company's cash flow statement (or balance sheet) wasn’t an easy task, either. The reports they had only contained the basics, and were not truly tangible (or real). It was at this time, they realized they needed a more sophisticated tool. One that would keep track of what really matters, in an easy, efficient platform. 

It was the only way their company was going to succeed.

Seeking control

With that new goal in mind, Danthop started looking for solutions that would help them overcome the obstacles they were dealing with at the time. In the beginning, they researched several tools that helped with CRM, sales, and accounting. They even conducted tests to make sure the software they were looking at would be a "good fit."

Then, after months of searching, they discovered Odoo.

Odoo passed all their tests with flying colors, and Danthop decided that it would be the best choice to handle the CRM and administrative duties of the company. From the moment they decided to work with Odoo, there was a consultant by their side to guide them through the implementation process, and put to rest any and all doubts they may have had about Odoo.

It was not difficult to get the management to accept Odoo, nor was it difficult for the employees of the different departments to learn how to use the platform. Being a small company, the few people involved in their various projects all welcomed the implementation with open arms, mainly because they needed the efficiency of Odoo to work properly.

The Odoo consultants explained how to do the implementation, but Danthop had already seen several videos on how the Odoo modules worked, and had experience working with the platform at the time of testing. In addition, they bought a one-year course that helped them understand how the different apps within the platform work. They were incredibly impressed by how easy the courses were to follow.

Due to the size of the company, the implementation was incredibly simple. The team at Danthop was learning as they followed the course, and knew an advisor was always available to solve any issues. Because the software is so user-friendly, the implementation was seamless, and it wasn’t long before they were able to start using Odoo throughout their company.

Regaining control

Thanks to the gradual implementation of Odoo, along with the fact that Danthop employees learned the platform so quickly, results were seen in a very short time. One of the first noticeable improvements was seen in their customer relationships.

Before, there was no follow-up, they could not classify them, or even see what was going on in their projects. Thanks to Odoo, however, Danthop can now classify and follow-up with their prospects with just a few clicks. This way, they can get statistics of what is happening with their leads, and inside the market, whenever they want.

Thanks to Odoo CRM, they no longer have to hire an external company in order to follow-up with their customers (or to get new leads).

Danthop now has more control over all administrative aspects of their company. They did not have many financial statements, and the few they did have, didn't accurately reflect the reality of the company. It was also difficult to invoice customers in parts because they did not have control over the invoices. They also didn’t know if they had any outstanding invoices, or if the customer had already paid.

With Odoo, the invoicing process was simplified and became much easier to control. When closing a sale, they now automatically go to the invoicing process. Thanks to the Odoo platform, it is easy to see which invoices are paid, and which ones are not.

Recently, Danthop decided to add the Purchase module to their Odoo platform. Although they have cleared the main hurdles for their company, they know that they will continue to grow, and as the company gets bigger, they will need to add more modules to their platform in order to succeed. 

Danthop and Odoo's journey is truly just beginning.

About Danthop

Danthop is an burgeoning technology and app-development company in Mexico. They specialize in the design and development of mobile applications for iPhone and Android, with the highest range of technologies for companies and startups.

Learn more at danthop.com

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