Biopolytech Automates and Improves Chemical Trading Service With Odoo

PT Biopolytech Innovation

Company Name: PT Biopolytech Innovation

Location: Indonesia

Industry: Trading / Chemical Manufacturing

Apps Implemented: Barcode, Manufacturing, Documents, Dashboards, Employees, Studio, Purchase, Inventory, Accounting, Sales, Invoicing, Discuss, CRM, Contacts, Calendar
Implementation Time: 2 Months

Company Size: 30

No of Odoo Users: 18

PT Biopolytech Innovation started operation in 2004 in Jakarta and Bandung. Today, the chemical trading company carries various chemical products from renowned brands, such as Dow Corning and Tanatex, to serve international clients. 

A Sudden Realization

What made Biopolytech decide to revamp its dated workflow was the pandemic. To protect its staff, the company settled with a work-from-home policy. The managers soon realized it significantly hindered its operations which relied heavily on manual performance. The chemical manufacturing company was intrigued by the level of automation Odoo is capable of after watching the e-Learning tutorial videos and decided to implement the system after learning that Odoo provides after-sale service.

The new Odoo system met the company's need for e-Faktur (e-invoicing) and data centralization to boost the team's efficiency in bookkeeping and providing timely customer service.

Automated Workflow To Minimize Manual Error

In terms of finance management, Odoo has provided Biopolytech with an online workaround to cut down all unnecessary manual tasks.

Before Odoo, the finance team at the chemical trading company would have to manually collect the data the auditors needed to close the balance, as they used to be in different documents kept by various teams. It was also a challenging task for Biopolytech as it needed to print and scan all invoices individually. This manual task overwhelmed the team as the company grew to handle more orders.

With Odoo, data automatically organizes itself to save the finance team time manually collecting them.

All information the auditors might need is now recorded and can be viewed in Odoo Accounting — credit limit, cost per project, etc. Integrated with Odoo Inventory and Purchase, the finance team in Biopolytech is also able to pull landed costs directly from vendor bills and ensure all information is updated in real-time for every team.

Once a purchase order is placed and approved, the integrated Odoo Inventory and Manufacturing automatically reserve the products while maintaining the buffer stock level; a Smart Button is then set to appear in the Accounting app to notify the finance team to record the bill by simply accepting changes made within the system. E-Fakturs will be automatically generated within the Invoicing app, with all information about the customer recorded in the Notes section within the same window. And all changes automatically reflect on the chart of accounts.

Not only do the integrated Odoo apps help with centralizing data, but it also saves Biopolytech much time while minimizing the occurrence of manual error.

Real-Time Project Management For Efficient Service Delivery

Top-notch customer service is another reason the staff at Biopolytech like using Odoo. 

The chemical manufacturing company frequently gets urgent customer requests for product orders while in production. In the past, the customer service team would have to call the warehouse with every incoming request to check for production statuses and reservation records and try to arrange urgent deliveries contingent on the stock level. The company soon found this workflow to be flawed and inefficient.

Owing to the now centralized inventory management, the customer service team can handle urgent requests and offer the best solution to clients by checking the most updated stock level and order statuses via Odoo Inventory, whether on laptops or mobile devices. This new workflow saves the team and its customers' time and optimizes resources at Biopolytech for accurate and efficient service delivery.

Growing International

I definitely recommend Odoo to other companies, for it is easy to customize, and the automation features help us a lot in our daily operations.

Surya Adi Wijaya • Accounting Supervisor at PT Biopolytech Innovation


Having built a foundation in the domestic market, PT Biopolytech Innovation is looking toward international growth in the chemical industry. Integrable, scalable, and easily customizable, Odoo supports every step of our client's development.

PT Biopolytech Innovation


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