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Pioneering with Odoo in the Kenyan Hospitality Market
Business Community Talk
Lieu : Foyer 500 - 13/10/2022 11:00 - 13/10/2022 11:30 (Europe/Brussels) (30 minutes)

Pioneering with Odoo in the Kenyan Hospitality Market
Zehnter at Severin Sea Lodge (EA) Ltd.
Zehnter at Severin Sea Lodge (EA) Ltd.

Alexander Zehnter formerly worked as an audit manager at KPMG & Ernst & Young before he joined Severin Hotels as CFO in 2018. Severin Hotels owns two 4-Star Hotels in Kenya as well as a Tour Operator Business in Germany.
Severin Sea Lodge is located on the coast of Mombasa, and Severin Safari Camp is in the heart of the Tsavo West National Park. The company has been successfully operating for 50 years. Alexander's responsibility was to bring the Finance Function of the hotels into the 21st Century, thus digitizing and improving process efficiency. The company started using Odoo in 2021.

In this talk, I'll address the situation of the software stack and the reporting of our hotels in Kenya when I joined in 2018. 

I'll explain the circumstances in Kenya under which you must implement new software. I will point out the problems we were facing with our former accounting software and our requirements for a new ERP-System.

I'll explain the effects of the Corona pandemic on our business and the hospitality industry and why we decided it was still the right time to implement Odoo, despite the uncertain future. I'll list different stakeholders' arguments why they thought Odoo would fail and how we finally convinced them that Odoo was the right software for our business.

The audience will get to know how we implemented Odoo, what we learned from it, and what was most important during the process. Together, we will find out how the business benefits from Odoo, emphasize a few automated processes, and where we made efficiency improvements. I will showcase the level of acceptance towards Odoo over time and which modules we want to implement next.

I will conclude with a comparison between the time before Odoo and the current situation.

Target audience:
Accounting & Inventory users