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Utilizing Odoo to automate Food & Bakery Manufacturing and Distribution
Business Community Talk
Lieu : Foyer 500 - 14/10/2022 12:00 - 14/10/2022 12:30 (Europe/Brussels) (30 minutes)

Utilizing Odoo to automate Food & Bakery Manufacturing and Distribution
Anupam Saha
Strategic Business Unit Head at Brain Station--23 Ltd
Strategic Business Unit Head at Brain Station--23 Ltd

Hello, my name is Anupam Saha working as Strategic Business Unit Head- ERP at Brain Station 23 Ltd.

Brain Station 23 Ltd is the only gold partner of Odoo in Bangladesh & one of the leading partner in APAC.

I'm Odoo functional certified, a high energy, experienced business analyst, passionate about working hand-in-hand with developers and users to produce requirements and specifications that accurately reflect business needs and are technologically achievable. I am currently trying to create an impact in the Business & automation sector utilising Odoo at its best to the SME & large enterprises.

My certification includes ; Odoo functional certification, Certified scrum master (CSM), ACMP-4.0 from IBA , PGD in ERP Implementation.

Functional & practical Specialisation in Odoo, Business Strategy & Processes Automation, BPR, Accounting & Project management. My passion & expertise requires me to provide services & consultancy to businesses of all sizes around the world, ultimately improving their bottom to top line by crafting creative solutions to their business problems having. I am a change maker through positive impact in the organisation.

Lastly, I like to be surprised and surprise others.

While implementing Odoo to automate the business process of Akboria, one of the oldest corporate giants, we had a unique problem concerning the manufacturing process of their food & bakery products. 

Keeping all the concerns in mind, we have successfully customized & developed a solution dedicated to all Food & Bakery manufacturing companies to automate all processes:

  1. From demand collection to manufacturing

  2. From manufacturing to distribution of the manufactured products

  3. From distribution to dispatching the demanded quantities. 

All these processes have been successfully automated by the Odoo team of Brain Station 23 for AKBORIA. 

Impact of the solution: 

  1. Demand Collection & Meetup: AKBORIA is currently using Odoo to avoid any manual intervention in demand collection & thus to avoid any data mishandling that could harm their manufacturing process.

  2. Return Management: On the one hand, Akboria is delivering the products to the outlets & their sales partners as per their demanded quantities; on the other hand, return goods are getting received by Akboria.

The return goods can be of two types:

  • Good return: The products or goods that are in good condition but still get returned.

  • Damaged return: The products or goods that are damaged and rejected.

Currently, all the return product management is being handled In Odoo & all the accounting information is being synced, and there is no chance of mismanaging the returned quantities and cash amount. 

  1. Cash Collection 

  2. Forecast for Manufacturing: AKBORIA needs to know precisely how many products they need to manufacture, and that answer depends on two things:

  • Demand

  • Historical data-based forecast

Based on this information, Akboria decides how many products they need to manufacture to meet that day's demand which they are currently managing using Odoo. 

  1. Integrated Purchase & Purchase requisition: If AKBORIA doesn’t have raw materials on hand, they need to raise requisition for those raw materials. Odoo's BOM is another helpful feature that AKBORIA utilizes for this purpose. 

The purchase unit then purchases the goods & then supplies those back to the manufacturing units based on the needs of each manufacturing work center. 

Currently, AKBORIA is running its purchase & manufacturing flow, using Odoo's purchase management & manufacturing management to keep everything interconnected & on track. Human error has been minimized to the point where they don't need to be concerned about it anymore. 

Our goal was to automate the whole system solving all these pain points effortlessly & make the system paperless & as adaptable as possible, maintaining convenience.